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完美的爱情 The Perfect Relationship

Recently, there are a lot of good movies brought to the screen. The final chapter of wolverine catches the audience’s attention. It is so hard to say goodbye to this strong image. The actor Hugh Jackman play so well and a lot of girls are crazy about him. The handsome face and perfect body shape make Jackman always be the one of the hottest male actors in the world. While he and his wife’s love story touches so many people. Before Jackman get famous, he meet his wife. She was beautiful and smart, but much older than him. They fell in love and soon get married. Many years have passed, his wife became old and fat. However, Jackman is so hot, and he loves his wife all the time. This is a perfect love story, and a good man deserves his fans to be followed.  最近,电影院上映了好多好看的电影。金刚狼3抓住了观众的注意力。这电影真的是深入人心,演员休·杰克曼演得那么好,很多女孩子都喜欢他。英俊的脸蛋、完美的体型使得杰克曼一直都是世界上最炙手可热的男演员之一。然而他和他妻子的爱情故事却也触动了很多人。杰克曼在出名前就遇到了他美丽聪明的妻子,但是年纪却比他大了很多。他们坠入爱河,很快就结婚了。这么多年过去了,他的妻子变老了,也变胖了,但是杰克曼却是那么的性感,而他也还是一如既往的爱他的妻子。这是一个完美的爱情故事,一个好男人值得粉丝去追随。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180410/The-Perfect-Relationship.html