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大忙人学社交口语 第11期:谈论兴趣爱好

1.I went to Sun Moon Lake for the weekend. 1.我周末去了日月潭。 Wow, it was beautiful! 哇,真漂亮! Reminds me of the country around Lake Geneva where I grew up. 它让我想起了日内瓦湖的附近地区,我就是在那里长大的。 We stayed in this lovely hotel and had a delicious dinner there. 我们在一家很不错的旅馆,并在那里享用了一顿美味的晚餐。 What a great weekend! 这个周末真开心! 2. I remember when I was a student in San Francisco, we were all much more politically active in those days. 2.还记得我在旧金山上学的时候,我们都对政治很热衷, Now we just care about making money. 但现在我们只顾着赚钱。 I guess that's how having a family of your own changes you: you become more aware of your responsibilities, right? 我想我们是因为有了自己的家庭才变成这个样子。我们变得更了解自己的责任,对吧? 3. I used to play the piano when I was young. 3.我年轻时弹钢琴。 In fact I studied it quite seriously for about twelve years or so. 事实上,我学得很认真,前后大概学了12年。 Actually my first job was playing for dance classes in a dance academy! 我的第一份工作是在舞蹈学院的舞蹈课上弹琴。 Those were the days: beautiful dancers to look at. Every day! 在那段日子里,每天都有美丽的舞者可看! I never thought I'd end up doing what I do now. 我从来没想过最后我会做目前的工作。 4. I swim about 1.5 kilometers every day. 我每天都游泳,大概游1.5公里。 I find it's really good exercise, especially for my back, 我觉得这项运动相当好,尤其是对我的背。 which I had some trouble with a few years ago, so I need to watch out with it. 我的背在前几年出了点毛病,所以我得小心一点。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180410/549242.html