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2017年英语专业四级听力真题 对话1

Conversation One 对话1 Questions 1 to 5 are based on Conversation One. 请根据对话1回答第1题至第5题。 W: Good afternoon, this is B.E.S. customer service line. Maggie speaking. How can I help you? 女:下午好,这里是B.E.S.客户服务热线。我是麦琪。有什么可以帮助您的吗? M: Yeah. Yeah. Look, it's about my computer I bought of you one month ago. 男:嗯。是我的电脑,一个月前从你们公司买的。 W: Yes. What seems to be the problem? 女:好的。出了什么问题呢? M: Well, I was transferring my files to it from my flash drive and they got lost. Everything! 男:嗯,我从闪存盘往电脑里传文件的时候,文件丢失了。全丢了! W: Okay. Now, don't worry. I'm sure we can sort something out. First, can you give me a few details? The computer has lost all your data, you say? 女:好的,您别着急。我们慢慢解决。可以先告诉我详细情况吗?您刚才说,电脑弄丢了您所有的文件是吗? M: Yes. But you don't understand. It wiped everything of the flash drive as well. My whole life! My whole life was in those files! 男:对!你不知道。连闪存盘里的东西都全没了!那可是我的命啊!那些文件就是我的全部生命! W: Oh. My goodness. Are you sure? Sounds like the problem is with your flash drive. 女:天呐。您确定吗?好像是您闪存盘出了问题。 M: Of course not. There is nothing wrong with my flash drive. I've had it for years. And I used it yesterday in my office, in another computer. 男:不可能!我的闪存盘没问题。我都用了好几年了,昨天在办公室里还插在另一台电脑上用过。 W: Okay. I can understand how upset you must be. Now, I don't think we can deal with it on the phone, so I'm going to send a service engineer to see if they can retrieve your data. Can you give me your product reference number? 女:好的。我知道您一定很着急。我们在电话上也不能解决问题。我这边会派客服工程师去看看能不能帮您恢复数据。可以给我您的产品参考号吗? M: Mmm. Ah, yes. Here it is. It's RF40101. 男:嗯,好,是RF40101。 W: Thank you. 女:谢谢。 M: I'll be expecting a total refund and compensation if this can't be fixed. 男:修不好的话,我想退全款,并要求赔偿。 W: I'm sorry. But we are not authorized to give refunds. What I can do is to send you a brand-new computer. How would that be? 女:对不起。我们没有权利帮您退款。我只能给您换一台新电脑,您看怎么样? M: But mine is supposed to be a brand-new computer. You think I want another one of these? After what the last one did to my files? 男:可是我现在这个也算是新电脑啊。你觉得我还能再接受一个这样的电脑吗?这个电脑都把我文件弄丢了。 W: Well, let's see what our engineer can do. Hopefully, it's not quite as bad as you think. Now, I've got your address here in your customer file—No.23, Bond Street, right? 女:好吧,那我们等工程师的处理结果吧。不过,事情并没有您想象的那么糟糕。我这边从您的客户档案里找到了您的地址,庞德街23号,对吗? M: Yeah. Right. 男:对。 W: And it's a Mr. Adams, isn't it? 女:亚当斯先生,对吗? M: Yes. 男:是。 W: Right. Mr. Adams, we'll have an engineer with you early tomorrow morning. And I'll ask him to bring a new hard disc with him. Will you be at home? 女:好的,亚当斯先生。明天上午我们的工程师会到您那边。我会让他带一个新硬盘过去。您到时候在家吗? M: Yes. But not before 8:30. 男:在家。八点半以后在家。 W: Okay. Our engineer will contact you before he comes. Can you be reached by this number---6574-3205? 女:好的。我们的工程师到之前会联系您。您的号码是6574-3205对吗? M: Yes. Sure. 男:是的。 W: Well. Best of luck this afternoon. I hope we can solve the problem for you. 女:好的。祝您下午好运。希望我们可以为您解决问题。 M: Well. Thanks. Ur...Good bye. 男:好的,谢谢。呃……再见。 W: Good bye, Mr. Adams. 女:再见,亚当斯先生。 Questions 1 to 5 are based on Conversation One. 请根据对话1回答第1题到第5题。 Q1: What's wrong with the man's computer? 第1题:这个男士的电脑出了什么问题? Q2: How will the man be compensated if the computer can't be fixed? 第2题:电脑修不好的话,这位男士会得到什么样的赔偿? Q3: How did the man feel about the woman's offer of compensation? 第3题:这位男士对这位女士提出的赔偿方案满意吗? Q4: When will the service engineer come to fix the computer? 第4题:客服工程师什么时候来修电脑? Q5: What is the man's phone number? 第5题:这个男士的电话号码是多少? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180406/548242.html