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美国语文第五册 第296期:野鸽过客(05)

As the period of their arrival approached, their foes anxiously prepared to receive them. 当鸽群快要飞临森林上空时,鸟类天敌正焦急地等待捕获它们。 Some were furnished with iron pots containing sulphur, others with torches of pine knots, many with poles, and the rest with guns. 有的人拿着装有硫黄的铁罐,还有人擎着松节火把,更多的人拿着棍棒树干,还有的人扛着枪支。 The sun was lost to our view, yet not a pigeon had arrived. 太阳落入西边边陲,人们见不到丁点鸽子的踪影, Everything was ready, and all eyes were gazing on the clear sky, which appeared in glimpses amidst the tall trees. 万事俱备。那株株参天大树蓊郁浓荫遮天蔽日,唯有树顶流泻出窄细光亮,透过少许光亮,人们在仰望中焦急等待。 Suddenly there burst forth the general cry of, “Here they come!” 突然,人群中爆发一阵叫喊,“野鸽来了!” The noise which they made, though yet distant, reminded me of a hard gale at sea passing through the rigging of a close-reefed vessel. 人们分散距离颇远,森林里一片嘈杂鼎沸。此情此景,令我突然想起海面狂风乍起,猛地扑向紧紧收起船帆的小船。 As the birds arrived and passed over me, I felt a current of air that surprised me. 当鸽群逐渐飞近掠过我的头顶,一阵惊悚让我的心痉挛收紧。 Thousands were soon knocked down by the pole men. The birds continued to pour in. 成千上万只鸟儿即将倒毙于这帮明火执仗的屠夫脚下。野鸽黑压成片、汹涌不断地飞来,涌来,扑来, The fires were lighted, and a magnificent as well as wonderful and almost terrifying sight presented itself. 无数只火把已经点燃,一袭壮观恢弘的杀戮大幕正在拉开。 The pigeons, arriving by thousands, alighted everywhere, one above another, 遮天蔽日的野鸽落下来了,雨点般叠落下来,举目满眼的鸽子到处翻飞,粗硕酒桶般、 until solid masses, as large as hogsheads, were formed on the branches all round. 成群成团地急遽降落,迅速挤满周围所有高矮不等的大小枝桠。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180406/548056.html