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2016年英语专业四级听力真题 对话1

Conversation One 对话1 Questions 1 to 5 are based on Conversation One. 请根据对话1回答第1题到第5题。 W: Hello, This is Kate Smith, I'm calling from ABC Company. 女:你好,这里是ABC公司,我是凯特·史密斯。 M: Oh, hello, Kate. Great to hear from you. 男:你好,凯特。很高兴接到你的来电。 W: You've already been told that you've been shortlisted for interview... 女:我们已经通知过您,您进入了最后一轮面试。 M: Oh, yes... 男:嗯,是的…… W: Well, we're very excited about meeting you. 女:我们期待您的到来。 W: OK, I just want to talk you through the procedure for the day. 女:我打电话是想通知您面试当天的程序。 W: Someone will meet you when you arrive, 女:首先,到了之后会有人接待您, W: and then bring you up to meet myself and Arthur Miller, the CEO. 女:上来之后您会见到我和CEO阿瑟·米勒。 M: OK, sounds good. 男:听起来不错。 M: So will you be the only members of the interview panel there then? 男:所以面试官只有你们两个吗? W: Yes, it'll be just me and Arthur who will talk to you. 女:是的,只有我和阿瑟与您谈话。 W: The interview will be in three parts 女:面试分为三部分, W: first of all we'll ask you some general questions about yourself 女:首先我们会问一些常规问题,涉及到您的个人情况、 W: and your educational and professional background, 女:教育背景和职业背景, W: and then we'll move on to specifics. 女:然后是细节部分。 M: Oh, um, specifics? Well er, what kind of questions will you be asking? 男:哦,呃,细节?你们会问哪种问题? W: Well, it'll be very similar to the personal statement you submitted with your CV 女:类似于你简历里附的个人陈述, W: we'll be expecting you to... to give actual examples of problems you've faced and solved, 女:我们希望你能给出具体事例,说明你遇到并解决的困难, W: and of what you feel are the major successes in your career so far. 女:还有你职业生涯中取得的重大成功。 M: OK. Well, yeah, that sounds great — can't wait! 男:好!听起来好棒!我等不及了! W: Then there'll be a chance for you to ask us any questions — about the job itself, or ABC Company in general... 女:然后你还可以问我们一些问题,比如关于工作本身,或者ABC公司的总体情况。 M: Oh, um, OK... I'll think of something! 男:嗯,好,我要想想。 W: After that, we'd like you to give a short presentation on how you see ABC Company as a company progressing, 女:最后,我们希望你做一个简短的展示,主题是你如何看待ABC公司这个发展中的公司, W: and how you see yourself taking us there. 女:以及您应聘我们公司的优势。 M: OK, so will I be expected to give like a formal style presentation? 男:好的,我要做正式的展示吗? W: It can be as formal or informal as you like. 女:正式和非正式的都可以。 W: There'll be a computer and a data projector there available. 女:我们会提供电脑和投影机。 W: If you need anything else, just let us know. 女:如果你还有其他需要,请告知我们。 M: Oh, um... OK, a presentation! I'll think of something. I haven't done one of those in a while... 男:啊,好,展示!我要好好想想!我最近都没做过展示…… W: Is that all clear? 女:我都说明白了吗? M: Yes. 男:嗯,明白了。 W: Great! So, Daniel, I'll see you at 11 a.m., Thursday next week. 女:好!那么,丹尼尔,时间是下周四上午11点,到时候见。 M: OK, great. I look forward to meeting you! Thanks, bye. 男:好的!到时候见!谢谢你,再见。 W: Bye. 女:再见。 Questions 1 to 5 are based on Conversation One. 请根据对话1回答第1题到第5题。 Question 1. Why does the woman call the man? 第1题 这个女士为什么给这个男士打电话? Question 2. What kind of questions can the man ask in the interview? 第2题 面试中,这个男士可以问什么问题? Question 3. Which is the last part of the interview? 第3题 面试的最后一部分是什么? Question 4. What might be expected from the man's presentation? 第4题 这个男士的展示要包括什么内容? Question 5. When is the interview scheduled? 第5题 面试安排在什么时候? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180403/547635.html