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2015年英语专业四级听力真题 对话1

M: Hello Jennifer. 男:你好,詹尼弗 W: Hello Callum. 女:你好,卡勒姆 M: Do you like to travel? 男:喜欢旅行吗? W: Oh yes,I love going to new and interesting places. 女:喜欢,我喜欢去新奇的地方。 M: What do you think of the idea of a one-way trip to Mars? 男:单程奔赴火星,如何? W: You do mean the planet Mars? 女:你是说真的火星? M: Well, this is what is being planned at the moment by a company in the Netherlands. They are planning to send people to Mars and the people who go would never be able to come back to Earth. 男:是的,荷兰一家公司正在启动火星旅行计划。带乘客前往火星,但是是单程票。 W: Sounds like quite a trip! 女:这可真是一次奇幻旅行! M: What is interesting about it is that this would be a one-way trip. 男:最奇幻的是它有去无回。 W: Why is this a one-way trip? 女:为什么非要单程? M: It's about technology. Although we do have the knowledge and technology to get people to Mars,we can't get them back. 男:因为技术原因。我们有足够的技术登陆火星,但回来的技术还达不到。 W: That's a big commitment, isn't it? But I imagine some people will jump at the opportunity. But what kind of person are they going to recruit for this "trip of a lifetime"? 女:这绝对是一项艰巨任务,不是吗?我猜有的人会抓住这次机遇。对于这次单程旅行,他们会招募什么条件的申请者? M: They want smart people,which means clever, intelligent people. These people need to be healthy both physically and mentally. They also need people with very specific skills. 男:聪明的人,他们会招募有头脑的人。身心健康的人。以及拥有特殊技能的人。 W: I would think so. 女:我想也是。 M: And there is something more important. 男:还有比这更重要的。 W: What's that? 女:什么? M: Character. You need to have the right personality. 男:性格。他们的性格要符合招募条件。 W: What other characteristics are they looking for? 女:什么性格的人? M: They want people who can still work well when things are bad. People who are calm in a CRIsis. So from what you've heard, does it sound like the job for you? 男:身处逆境,但依然出色发挥。以及临危不乱的人。你觉得你适合这项工作吗? W: Absolutely not. I don't mind travelling but I think it's a bit far for me. And what about you? 女:不可能是我。我不介意旅行,但这对我来说太过了。你呢? M: No, it's not for me, I have to say. I'm not made of the right stuff. I don't think I'm the kind of person who can handle a CRIsis with calm! 男:当然不是我了。我不够格。我想我不是那种临危不乱的人! W: I was wondering how they were going to pay for all of this. After all, it's not a government programme, is it? 女:这次旅行怎么收费?毕竟这不是政府计划,不是吗? M: A very good question. They plan to finance this by involving the whole world as an audience. 男:好问题。他们计划通过全球观众筹资。 W: So where is the money coming from? 女:资金从哪来? M: Television. It sounds like a big reality TV show to me. The Olympics raised a lot of money from people watching on television and this will be the same. There will be a big audience to tune in and watch the mission but also the relationship between the people on the mission and perhaps even the birth of the first Mars baby. 男:通过电视节目。听起来像电视真人秀。奥运会的筹办就是通过观众筹资,这个也是一样。到时将会有大量电视观众,通过电视观看训练过程,还能选出“登火”队员,甚至还能看到首位“火星孩”降生。 W: Would you watch it? 女:你会看吗? M: Definitely, yeah, it would be fascinating viewing. How about you? 男:当然啦,那一定很精彩。你看吗? W:You know what, I'm not usually a fan of reality TV, I would probably get bored very easily though. 女:我不是很喜欢真人秀,我一准会觉得无聊。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180401/547160.html