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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10]Lesson 14 ; [00:01.44]attach[ 'tt] ;vt.系,贴,连接;使依恋, 使喜爱;认为有(重要性, 责任等);使附属 [00:02.70]Attached please find our offering prices. ;随函附上我方的报价. [00:05.63]I am very attached to Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper. ;我很喜欢达芬奇的《最后 的晚餐》. [00:09.86]compete[k m'pi:t] ;vi.竞争,比赛 [00:11.45]The two TV broadcasting companies (TVB and ATV) in Hong Kong ;香港的两家电视广播公司 (无线电视和亚洲电视) [00:16.01]have always been competing with each other for higher audience rating. ;长期以来为争取更高的收 视率而互相竞争. [00:19.90]confront[k n'frnt] ;vt.迎面遇到,遭遇; 勇敢地面对,正视; 使对峙,使当面对证 [00:21.50]It is said that the reason for Ruan Lingyu's suicide ;据说,阮玲玉之所以自杀 [00:24.17]was that she couldn't confront the rumors fabricated by people. ;是因为她面对不了人们捏 造出来的谣言. [00:27.13]When confronted with evidence of his guilt, McVeigh confessed. ;面对罪证迈克维供认不讳. [00:31.39]consent['k n'sent] ;n.准许,同意,赞同 vi.(~to)准许,同意, 赞成 [00:32.77]What will do you if your parent don't consent to your marriage? ;如果你父母不同意你的 婚事,你会怎么办? [00:36.53]consultant [k n'slt nt] ;n.会诊医生,顾问医生; 顾问 [00:38.03]Some university graduates resort to a vocation consultant for a appropriate job. ;为找到一份合适的工作, 有些大学毕业生求教于就 业顾问(指导). [00:43.48]crude[kru:d] ;a.粗鲁的,粗俗的; 天然的,未加工的; 简陋的,粗糙的 [00:44.59]The Da Qing oil field is full of crude oil. ;大庆油田盛产原油. [00:47.82]disguise[dis'gaiz] ;vt.假扮,化装;伪装;掩 盖,掩饰n.用来伪装的东 西(或行为)伪装,掩饰 [00:49.15]Mulan disguised herself as a man and became a soldier. ;木兰男扮女装从军. [00:52.45]eliminate[i'limineit] ;vt.排除,清除,根除; 淘汰 [00:53.71]You really believe that getting drunk can eliminate pain? ;你真的认为醉酒能消除 痛苦吗? [00:56.75]We all hoped that China could eliminate the rivals to host the 2008 Olympic Games. ;我们都希望中国能淘汰其 他对手,主办2008年的 奥运会. [01:01.61]estimate['estimeit] ;n.估计,估量;评价,看法 vt.估计,估量 [01:02.94]We can measure the value of material goods in terms of money, ;我们可以用金钱来度量物 质产品的价值, [01:05.87]but the true value of the services is difficult to estimate. ;但是服务的真正价值是 很难估计的. [01:09.32]extraordinary [ik'str:din ri] ;a.不寻常的,特别的, 非凡的 [01:10.84]With extraoridinary wisdom,Deng Xiaoping ;邓小平以非凡的智慧, [01:13.47]advanced the theory of constructing the socialism with Chinese characteristics. ;提出了建设中国特色社会 主义理论. [01:18.47]fortune['f:t n] ;n.(大量)财产,大笔的钱; 运气,时运,命运 [01:19.85]In the States,the decline in efficiency commonly spoiled the fortune of family firm ;在美国,家族公司的财富 通常因为效率下滑而受损 [01:24.89]in the second and third generations after the energetic founders. ;当其经过富有活力的创业 人传到第二代和第三代人 手中时. [01:30.49]Einstein once said modestly that it was just his good fortune ;爱因斯坦曾经说,只不过 是因为他的运气好, [01:34.60]to have his theory accepted by the world. ;他的理论才为世人所接受 [01:37.16]intensity[in'tensiti] ;n.强烈,剧烈;强度 [01:38.57]Noise intensity around the airport is much higher than elsewhere. ;飞机场附近的噪音强度要 比其他地方大得多. [01:42.09]Exposure to loud noises can definitely produce a partial ;暴露在强噪音下回造成听 力全部 [01:45.70]or complete loss of hearing ;或部分丧失, [01:47.13]depending on the intensity and duration of the noise. ;因强度和持续时间而程 度不同. [01:50.10]pessimistic [,presi'mistik] ;a.悲观主义的 [01:51.28]The earth won't stop because of your pessimistic thoughts. So,cheer up! ;地球不会因为你的悲观想 法而停止转动.所以,打 起精神来! [01:55.40]Egoists are inclined to take a pessimistic view of life. ;利己主义者往往对生活持 悲观态度. [01:59.22]prevent[pri'vent] ;vt.预防,防止 [02:00.51]I sometimes set two alarm clocks to prevent myself from getting up late. ;我有时要两个闹钟以防自 己晚起. [02:04.52]privilege['privilid] ;n.特权,优惠 [02:05.74]One of the obstaches to social harmony is privilege. ;导致社会不协调的障碍之 一是特权. [02:09.08]provoke[pr 'v uk] ;vt.对……挑衅,激怒 [02:10.23]All the Chinese people were provoked and burst into rage ;全体中国人都被激怒了, [02:13.12]when the news came that the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia was bombed by NATO. ;当中国驻南斯拉夫大使馆 被北约轰炸的消息传来时 [02:17.79]renew[ri'nju:] ;v.重新开始,继续; (使)更新,恢复;延长 (…的)有效期 [02:18.90]Remember to renew the books if you can't finish them on time. ;如果你不能按时读完这 些书,记得要去图书馆 续借. [02:22.61]resolve[ri'zlv] ;vt.解决,解答;决定, 决意;(~into)分解; vi.决定,决意;n.决心 [02:23.76]Many students resolve resolve to study abroad after graduation. ;许多大学生都决定毕业后 出国留学. [02:27.58]restore[ris't:] ;vt.恢复,使回复;修复, 整修;归还,交还 [02:28.99]It's hard to restore a broken mirror. ;破镜难圆. [02:31.21]I feel quite restored after my holiday. ;休假后我感到恢复了健 康. [02:34.18]rival['raiv l] ;n.竞争对手,敌手; a.竞争的,对抗的 vt.与……竞争;比得上 [02:35.44]The poet Homer believed that no mortal could rival Zeus. ;诗人荷马认为没有凡人能 与宙斯匹敌. [02:39.25]rude[ru:d] ;a.粗鲁的,不礼貌的; 粗糙的,粗陋的 [02:40.26]Many people look upon American young men as brash,immodest,rude, ;许多人认为美国的年轻人 傲慢,不谦逊,粗鲁, [02:44.30]and possess no proper respect for parents or elder siblings. ;对父母和年长的兄弟姐 妹没有适当的尊敬. [02:48.08]settle['set l] ;vt.解决,调停;安排, 安放;支付,结算; 使安定 [02:48.71]settle['set l] ;vi.安家,安居;(鸟等) 飞落,停留;安定 [02:49.12]Please settle your accounts immediately, or we would have to take some legal action ;请立即结清你所欠的帐, 否则我们得采取法律行为. [02:53.34]Some people like to travel around the world ;有些人喜欢在年轻的时候 环游世界, [02:55.41]rather than settling down when they are young. ;而不喜欢过安定的生活. [02:57.64]sophisticated [s 'fistikeitid] ;a.老于世故的,老练的; 精密的,复杂的; 高雅的,有教养的 [02:59.20]Most politician are very sophisticated. ;大部分的政客都非常 老练. [03:01.76]The inner system of a spaceship is rather sophisticated. ;宇宙飞船的内部系统相当 精密复杂. [03:05.02]speculated ['spekjuleit] ;vi.(~about,~on)推测, 推断;投机,做投机买卖 vt.推测,推断 [03:06.06]This detective story is boring, ;这个侦探故事很没意思, [03:07.95]because you can speculate the ending in the beginning. ;因为刚开始看你能推断出 它的结局. [03:10.77]stretch[stret] ;vi.伸展,延续 vt.拉长,伸展;使倾注 全力,使紧张 [03:11.47]stretch[stret] ;n.一段时间,一段路程, 连绵的一片;伸展, 延伸,延续 [03:11.95]I stretched to relax after working for a whole day. ;工作了一整天,我伸了个 懒腰放松一下. [03:14.92]Having been washed,the sweater was stretched out of shape. ;洗过以后,这件毛衣被拉 长变了形. [03:18.11]Can you work (for) eight hours at a stretch? ;你能连续工作八小时吗? [03:20.66]surplus['s :pl s] ;n.剩余,过剩,盈余 a.过剩的,多余的 [03:22.04]Brazil has a big surplus of coffee. ;巴西有很多剩余的咖啡. [03:24.33]Karl Marx initiated the theory of surplus value in 1840. ;1840年,卡尔.马克思 首先提出了他的剩余价值 的理论. [03:28.41]sweep[swi:p] ;v.扫,打扫,拂(去)掠过, (风)吹,(浪等)冲; 快速移动; [03:29.15]sweep[swi:p] ;(在...)迅速传播(或蔓 延)打扫,(手臂等)挥动 [03:29.56]After China's entry to WTO,foreign-made cars and consumer electronics ;在中国入世之后,外国产 汽车和电子消费品 [03:34.05]are likely to sweep into the domestic market. ;可能会扫荡国内市场. [03:36.79]Many bridges were swept away by the flood. ;洪水冲断了很多桥梁. [03:39.72]sympathy[ 'simp i] ;n.同情,同情心; (思想感情上的)支持, 赞同 [03:40.87]We should have sympathy for people in difficulty. ;我们对处于困境中的人们 要有同情心. [03:43.50]sympathetic [simp 'etik] ;a.同情的,体谅的(~to) 赞同地,支持的; 和谐的合意的 [03:44.83]I feel sympathetic to my friend who is suffering. ;我对遭到不幸的朋友十 分同情. [03:47.69]We work best in a sympathetic atmosphere. ;我们在一种和谐的气氛中 工作效率最佳. [03:50.47]tackle['tk l] ;vt.对付,处理;与交涉; (足球比赛中)阻截, 擒抱 [03:51.10]tackle['tk l] ;n.阻截;用具,钓具; 轱辘,滑车(组) [03:51.47]The police spent a long time tacking the hacker who ruined the network. ;警方花了很长时间对付那 个毁坏了电脑网络的黑客 [03:54.62]People with strong social ties ;拥有密切社会关系的人们 [03:56.34]appear better able to tackle major life changes and daily hassles. ;似乎能够更好地应付生活 的重大变化和日常困难. [04:02.74]Lesson 15 ; [04:06.15]absurd[ b's :d] ;a.荒谬的,荒唐的 [04:07.45]The idea that number "13" brings bad luck seems to quite absurd. ;认为“13”是不吉利的 数字这一观念似乎挺荒唐 可笑的. [04:11.75]ambitious[m'bi s] ;a.有抱负的,雄心勃勃的, 有野心的 [04:13.12]Almost all politicians are quite ambious in accomplishing their own political goals. ;几乎所有的政客都雄心勃 勃地想要实现自己的政治 目标. [04:17.98]avail [ 'veil] ;v.使……产生效用, 使……有价值 [04:18.87]avail [ 'veil] ;n.(一般用于否定或疑 问句中)效用,利益, 帮助 [04:19.27]It hurt her a great deal ;她伤心欲绝, [04:20.20]that all she had done for him in the past few years was of no avail. ;瞅着多年来为他奉献的一 切都付诸东流, [04:23.87]We cannot help asking that superpower this question: ;我们不禁要问那个超级 大国; [04:26.84]"Will force or terror alone avail the world peace?" ;“仅用武力或恐吓对世 界和平有好处吗?” [04:29.91]collide[k 'laid] ;vi.碰撞,互撞; 冲突,抵触 [04:31.10]The Titanic collided with the floating iceberg. ;泰坦尼克号撞到了海上 漂浮的冰山. [04:34.03]When interests of the two countries collide, negotiation is the best solution. ;当两国的利益发生冲突 时,谈判是最好的解决 方法. [04:38.74]conceive[k n'si:v] ;vt.(构)想出,认为;怀孕 vi.(~of)构想出, 设想;怀孕 [04:39.89]The idea of the atom bomb was first concei- ved by scientists in the 1930s. ;科学家们是在20世纪30 年代最初构想制造原子弹 的. [04:44.33]Traditionally in China it is a shame for a girl to conceive a ba- by before she marries. ;中国的传统观念是,女孩 未婚先孕是可耻的. [04:50.23]constituent [k n'stitju nt] ;n.选民,选区居民; 成分,组成 a.组成的,构成的 [04:52.04]Please explain to me the constituents of an atom. ;请向我解释一下原子的 组成问题. [04:54.86]Hydrogen and oxygen are the constituent parts of water. ;氢和氧是构成水的元素. [04:59.24]dedicate['dedikeit] ;vt.题献词于(著作)上 (~to)把(一生等)献给, 把(时间,精力等)用于 [05:00.76]Dedicated to My Beloved. ;谨以此书献给我的至爱. [05:02.61]The Monument to the people's Heroes ;人民英雄纪念碑 [05:04.62]is dedicated to the memory of the soliders who died for their country. ;是为那些为保卫祖国献身 的烈士们而建的. [05:08.02]diffuse[di'fju:z] [di'fju:s] ;v.扩散,(使)弥漫; 传播,散布 a.(文章等)冗长的,漫无 边际的,四散的,弥漫 [05:09.36]The colors of the sunset were diffused across the sky. ;夕阳西沉,霞光满天. [05:13.06]I got lost in your rather diffuse essay. ;你的文章行文冗赘,弄得 我有点糊涂了. [05:16.77]divert[dai'v :t] ;vt.使转向,使改道; 转移,转移...的注意力 使娱乐,消遣 [05:17.85]The branch of the Yellow River has been diverted from its cou- rse to a new channel. ;黄河的这段支流被改道转 入新的流向. [05:22.11]The children are diverted by the clown. ;小丑把孩子们逗乐了. [05:24.74]enrich[in'rit] ;vt.充实,使丰富; 使富裕,使富有 [05:26.19]Many wealthy men try to enrich their cultural life ;很多福起来的人士想丰富 自己的文化生活 [05:29.01]by going to all kinds of concerts and museums. ;籍参加各种音乐会以及 参观各种博物馆来 [05:31.71]Many foreign words and phrases have enriched the English language. ;大量的外来词和短语极大 地丰富了英语. [05:35.31]extinct[ik'stikt] ;a.灭绝的,灭种的;(火山 等)不再活跃的,(火等) 熄灭了的(风俗)已废弃的 [05:36.46]Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years. ;恐龙已经灭绝几百万 年了. [05:39.16]Evidence collected by the spacecraft on Mars shows some present volcanic action, ;太空船搜集到的证据显示 火星上仍然有火山运动存 在, [05:43.98]though the volcanos are believed to be dormant if not extinct. ;然然人们普遍认为火星上 的火山如果说不是死活山 至少也处于休眠状态. [05:47.69]flush[fl] ;n.脸红;红光 vi.被冲洗;(脸)发红 vt.冲洗,(脸)涨红;赶出 [05:48.69]flush[fl] ;a.(-with)齐平的, 等高的;(尤指钱)充裕 的,富裕的 [05:49.21]Her complexion has a flush,just like that of the dawn. ;她红扑扑的脸蛋宛如黎明 的红霞. [05:53.21]The politician didn't flush with shame at all ;那位政客一点都不感到 脸红 [05:55.85]when he swore that he would devote himself to serving the people ;那位政客信誓旦旦的说 什么要鞠躬尽瘁地为人民 服务, [05:58.81]immediately after receiving bribery payments. ;就在此前他刚刚收受贿赂 [06:01.85]The rising sun flushed the green mountain tops. ;旭日映红了苍翠的山顶. [06:04.96]heighten['hait n] ;v.(使)提高,加强 [06:06.08]We highten our expectations as time goes by. ;随着时间的推移,我们的 期望提高了. [06:08.89]illusion[i'lu: n] ;n.幻想,错误的观念; 错觉,幻觉,假象 [06:10.04]The girl is always under the illusion that ;这姑娘成天幻想着有朝一 日 [06:11.86]a prince charming will sweep her away on a white horse. ;她心目中的白马王子会 将她带走. [06:14.64]A mirage is an optical illusion caused by hot air conditions. ;海市蜃楼是由空气引起的 光学幻想. [06:18.83]induce[in'dju:s] ;vt.引诱,劝; 引起,导致 [06:19.98]Adam and Eve were induced to eat the Forbidden Fruit by Satan. ;亚当和夏娃受了魔鬼的 诱惑偷吃了禁果. [06:23.61]The author has induced a particular frame of mind in the readers by his choice of words. ;作者用词讲究,在读者的 心中唤起了一种特殊的 意境. [06:28.73]intelligible [in'telid bl] ;a.可理解的,明白易懂的, 清楚的 [06:30.06]The manager was so drunk that his speech was barely intelligible. ;经理喝得醉醺醺的,连话 都说不清楚. [06:33.66]invariably [in'v ri b li] ;ad.不变地,始终如一地 总是 [06:35.07]The security guards are invariably ex-servicemen. ;这些保安都是清一色的 退伍军人. [06:38.44]magnify['mgnifai] ;vt.放大,扩大; 夸大,夸张 [06:39.70]Cells must be magnifi- ed by a microscope several times before they can be seen. ;细胞要经过显微镜放大好 几倍才看得见. [06:44.11]Most broadcasters maintain that TV has been unfairly CRIticized ;多数电视台认为电视受到 了不公正的批评, [06:48.49]and they argue that the power of the medium has been magnified. ;他们坚持说这种传媒的能 量被大大的夸大了. [06:51.79]morality[m 'rliti] ;n.道德,(行为等的) 道德性;德行,品行,道 德观,道德规范 [06:53.09]Nowdays many businessmen despise commercial morality ;当今社会,很多商人罔顾 商业道德 [06:56.31]to make as much profit as they can. ;竭尽所能攫取利润. [06:58.46]The morality of abortion has been discussed for a long time in the US. ;堕胎的道德性问题在美国 长期争论不休. [07:02.57]orient[':ri nt] ;vt.使适应,使熟悉情况 或环境;(~to/towards) 使朝向,以...为方向 [07:03.29]orient[':ri nt] ;n.东方,亚洲(尤指远东) 东半球 [07:03.98]It took quite a long time for a freshman to orient himself. ;大学新生要经过好长一段 时间才能适应新环境. [07:07.51]The up-to-date styles designed by Yves Saint Laurent,the famous French designer, ;由法国著名设计师伊夫. 圣洛朗设计的最新款式 [07:11.40]will orient fashions of the world this year. ;将领导今年的世界服装新 潮流. [07:14.33]pathetic[p 'etik] ;a.差劲的,令人生厌的; 引起怜悯的,可怜的, 可悲的 [07:15.40]Chow Yun-fat's acting is quite marvelous,but as a singer he's rather pathetic. ;周润发的演技确实很棒, 但他唱歌就马马虎虎了. [07:19.85]It's pathetic to see her best friend sink so low. ;看到自己最好的朋友堕落 到这种地步,她感到非常 悲哀. [07:23.19]porch[p:t] ;n.门廊 [07:24.30]A porch is an entrance covered by a roof ;门廊是有顶的入口, [07:26.37]outside the front door of a western house or church. ;位于西式建筑或教堂前 门外. [07:29.45]prey[prei] ;n.被捕食的动物,捕获物; 受害者 vi.(~on)捕食,折磨; 使烦恼 [07:30.64]He,with his simplicity and inexperience,was an easy prey for ambitious females. ;由于单纯而缺乏经验,他 常常轻易成为野心勃勃女 子的牺牲品. [07:35.90]In those far-off times the Vikings used to prey on the coasts of Europe. ;在那遥远的年代,北欧海 盗常常出没于欧洲海岸强 取豪夺. [07:40.24]quantitative ['kwntit tiv] ;a.(数)量的,定量的 [07:41.72]It's necessary for us ;我们有必要 [07:43.02]to make a quantitative assessment of the effectiveness of the investment. ;对投资的有效性进行量 比评估. [07:46.65]regime[rei'i:m] ;n.政治制度,政权 [07:47.80]Things in this war- ridden country will change under the new regime. ;在新政权的治理下,这个 饱受战乱之苦的国家情况 会有所改变. [07:51.51]robust [r u'bst,'r ubst] ;a.强健的,健康的 [07:52.73]Jacky Chan's robust constitution and dignified appearance ;成龙强健的体格与不凡的 风度 [07:55.96]can attract a girl at the very first sight. ;能让姑娘一见倾心. [07:58.55]spontaneous [spn'teinj s] ;a.自发的,无意识的; 自然的,天真率直的 [08:00.04]When Andy Lau,a superstar appeared on the stage, ;当天王巨星刘德华登上 舞台时, [08:02.63]the fans gave him a spontaneous cheer. ;歌迷们发出自发的喝彩 声. [08:05.23]Vicky Zhao is greatly liked as she was a fresh and spontaneous girl. ;赵薇的青春活力与纯真率 直的性格十分招人喜欢. [08:09.86]subtle['stl] ;a.微妙的,难以捉摸的; 诡秘的,狡诈的;隐约的 [08:11.01]Mona Lisa's subtle smile is unique. ;蒙娜丽莎神秘深邃的微笑 是无与伦比的. [08:13.64]It was completely dark ;世界一片黑暗, [08:17.02]except the subtle light given out by a few stars in the far distance in the sky. ;只有深邃的天空中几颗星 星发出暗淡的光芒. [08:19.98]terminate ['t :mineit] ;v.停止,(使)终止 [08:21.28]Let's terminate the meeting by ten. ;我们在10点前结束会 议吧. [08:23.54]void[vid] ;a.无效的;没有的,缺乏的 n.空虚感,寂寞感;真空, 空白 vt.使无效 [08:24.69]Be careful not to sign a null and void contract. ;小心不要鉴定不具有法律 效力的协议. [08:28.17]Why do many rich people feel void in their life since they are so well off? ;许多富人家财万贯为何还 那么空虚无聊? [08:34.66]Lesson 16 ; [08:37.77]abolish[ 'bli] ;vt.彻底废除,废止 [08:38.92]Slavery was abolished in America after the Civil War in the 19th century. ;美国的奴隶制度是19世 纪时南北战争以后被废 止的. [08:43.15]Some superstitious practices should be abolished as soon as possible. ;有些迷信做法应尽早取消 [08:47.04]amend[ 'mend] ;vt.修改,修订;改进 n.[pl.]赔偿,赔罪 [08:48.27]The UN Charter has been amended since World War Two ;经过二战以来的修订, [08:51.05]and great improvement has been made. ;联合国宪章已经日趋完 善. [08:53.09]betray[bi'trei] ;vt.背叛,出卖;失信于 辜负;泄露(秘密等); (非故意地)暴露,显露 [08:54.20]A person who betrays his own country will be spurned by people. ;一个人背叛自己祖国的人 会为世人所唾弃. [08:58.02]She betrayed her friends by breaking her promises. ;她不遵守自己的诺言,因 而失信于她的朋友. [09:00.76]It's illegal to betray government secrets. ;泄露政府秘密是犯法的. [09:03.73]commence[k 'mens] ;v.开始 [09:04.95]At what time will the opening ceremony commence? ;开幕式什么时候开始? [09:07.88]conception [k n'sepn] ;n.思想,观念,概念; 构想,设想;怀孕 [09:09.03]Does the younger generation have a clear conception of what they want? ;年轻一代清楚他们到底想 要什么吗? [09:12.40]Deng Xiaoping had a comprehensive conception ;邓小平有完整的构想 [09:14.86]as to how to build up socialism with Chinese characteristics. ;对于如何建设有中国特色 的社会主义. [09:18.37]constrain[k n'strein] ;vt.限制,约束; 克制,抑制 [09:19.74]Nowadays many species of wild animals are bound and constrained in the zoo, ;如今,很多野生动物都被 关在动物园的兽笼里 [09:23.82]and ridiculously,only in this way they can survive. ;荒唐的是,它们只有这 样才能生存下来. [09:27.12]Many artists don't consider themselves ;许多艺术家认为他们不必 [09:29.29]constrained by the same rules of social conduct as other people. ;像一般人那样要受社会行 为准则的束缚. [09:32.46]deduce [di'dju:s,di'du:s] ;vt.推论,推断,演绎 [09:33.27]Einstein tried to deduce the operating principle of the toy purely by reasoning, ;爱因斯坦想通过纯粹的推 理来推断出这个玩具的工 作原理, [09:38.05]but he was in vain. ;但却徒劳无功. [09:39.61]dilemma[di'lem ] ;n.(进退两难)窘境,困境 [09:40.76]The dilemma a doctor often faces is ;医生经常面临这样的困境 [09:43.32]whether he should tell the truth to the patient or not. ;应不应该将实情告诉病 人. [09:45.99]doubtless['dautlis] ;a.无疑的,肯定的 [09:47.21]It's almost doubtless that the Chinese Soccer Team will qualify for ;几乎无庸置疑,中国足 球队将能够进军 [09:50.25]the final tournament of the World Cup to be held in Japan and Korea. ;日韩世界杯决赛阶段的 比赛. [09:54.07]enthusiastic [in,ju:zi'stik] ;a.满腔热情地,热心的, 极感兴趣的 [09:55.74]We are really don't see why the superpower is so enthusiastic over the NMD. ;我们真搞不懂为什么这个 超级大国那么热衷于搞 “国家导弹防御系统”. [10:00.63]extinguish [iks'tigwi] ;vt.熄灭,扑灭; 使消失,使破灭 [10:02.22]The fire was finally extinguished by the firemen. ;大火终于被消防队员们 扑灭了. [10:04.82]His fire of life was extinguished bit by bit by the onset of the lovesickness. ;他的生命之火在相思病魔 的摧残下终于一点一点地 暗淡下去. [10:09.71]formidable ['f:mid bl] ;a.可怕的,令人生畏的; 难以克服的,难对付的 [10:11.12]With her management skills and his marketing experts, ;她娴熟的管理技巧加上他 超凡的市场才华, [10:14.24]they make a formidable combination. ;使他们双剑合璧, 所向披靡. [10:16.28]He's conscious that he was a formidable rival in this field. ;他清醒地意识到,在这个 领域他遇到了一个难缠的 对手. [10:20.17]hinder['hind ] ;vt.阻碍,妨碍 [10:21.24]You are hindering me in my work by talking all the time. ;你在这儿说个不停,妨碍 了我干活. [10:24.84]imaginative [i'mdin tiv] ;a.富有想象力的, 爱想象的 [10:26.39]A scientist,as well as a writer,must be creative and imaginative. ;科学家和作家一样必须富 于创造力与想象力. [10:30.44]indulge[in'dld] ;vi.(~in)沉溺,纵容自己 vt.使自己沉湎于,满足 (自己的欲望等);纵容 [10:31.55]Those who always indulge themselves in delights of leisure will amount to nothing ;一味的贪图安逸享受的人 到头来会一事无成. [10:36.22]The bitter taste of disappointed love made him indulge in his own daydreams. ;苦涩的失恋滋味使他成天 沉浸在自己编织的梦幻 之中. [10:41.30]intensify[in'tensifai] ;vt.(使)增强,(使)加剧 [10:43.08]To prevent the hoolig- ans from England and Germany making trouble during the World Cup, ;在世界杯举办期间,为预 防英国和德国的足球流氓 搞事, [10:46.93]they have intensified the police patrols along the streets and in the bowls. ;他们调集了大批警力加强 对街道及体育场的巡查. [10:50.94]irritate['iriteit] ;vt.使恼怒,使烦躁; 使(身体某部位)不适, 使疼痛 [10:52.27]His disloyalty irritated his wife,who resolutely left home. ;他的不忠激怒了他的妻子 她毅然决然的离开了这 个家. [10:56.35]manifest['mnifest] ;a.明显的,显然的,明了的 vt.显示,表明;证明; 使显露,使显现 [10:57.65]This is something manifest to all of us. ;这是我们大家都很清楚 的事情. [11:00.28]The contradiction has manifested itself in the employment situation ;就业问题上的矛盾 日益突出 [11:04.17]in the course of the innovation of the economic structures. ;在经济体制改革的过程 中. [11:07.40]naive [na:'i:v,nai'i:v] ;a.幼稚的,轻信的; 天真的 [11:08.77]Many naive girls wait for a film director to give them a chance to play a leading role ;许多幼稚的女孩等待着 电影导演给一个主角让 她们演, [11:13.14]and make a hit overnight. ;然后一夜成名. [11:15.11]oriental[,:ri'ent l] ;a.东方的,东方人的, 东方文化的 [11:16.44]The mysterious ancient oriental culture has been appealing to the westerners for ages. ;长期以来,具有神秘色彩 的古老的东方文化对于西 方人来说有着巨大的吸 引力. [11:21.37]precede [pri(:)'si:d] ;vt.在...之前,先于 [11:22.48]Bill Clinton preceded George Bush,Jr.,as President of the United States. ;克林顿在小布什之前担任 美国总统. [11:27.12]probability [,prb 'biliti] ;n.可能性,可能发生的 事;概率 [11:28.86]War is a serious probability between the two traditional enemy states ;两个传统上的敌对国家再 启战端的可能性非常大, [11:32.53]in the present state of affairs. ;从目前的形势来看. [11:34.46]The cluster bomb has a high kill probability ;集束炸弹有很高的杀伤力 [11:37.48]against a range of small hard and soft targets. ;对于一系列软硬小目标. [11:40.61]quest[kwest] ;n.寻求,搜索,追求 [11:41.69]We are quite pleased to see ;我们高兴地看到, [11:42.94]that our two countries have a common quest in building peace. ;我们两国有着建立和平的 共同追求. [11:46.29]repel[ri'pel] ;vt.使厌恶;击退, 逐回,驱逐;排斥 [11:47.40]The strong durian smell repels me. ;榴莲那股强烈的味道使 我生厌. [11:49.73]North magnetic poles repel each other. ;磁北极与磁南极互相 排斥. [11:52.66]scorn[sk:n] ;n./vt.轻蔑,鄙视; 拒绝,不屑(做) [11:53.66]The younger generation in the new century scorns the traditional idea of virginity. ;新世纪的年轻一代已经对 传统的贞操观嗤之以鼻了 [11:57.96]stability[st 'biliti] ;n.稳定,稳固 [11:59.37]To make our country strong and prosperous, ;为使国家繁荣富强, [12:01.74]the most important thing we should do is to maintain political stability. ;首要的是维护政治稳定. [12:05.38]summon['sm n] ;vt.召唤,传唤 (~up)鼓起勇气, 振作(精神)召集,召开 [12:06.38]The man summoned as a witness was required to make an oath ;传唤到庭的证人被要求 当场发誓 [12:09.34]that what he would say was absolutely true. ;他所讲的绝对是真话. [12:12.53]I had to summon (up) all my nerve to face my boss. ;我得鼓足勇气去见上司. [12:15.83]testify['testifai] ;vi.作证,证明; 表明,说明 vt.证明,作证 [12:17.20]Can you testify that you saw the defendant at the scene of the CRIme? ;你能证明你亲眼见到被告 在犯罪现场吗? [12:20.76]Acts testify intent. ;行为隐含动机. [12:23.10]texture ['tekst ] ;n.质地;(材料等的)结构 [12:24.43]One can see the orderly texture of matter through an electron microscope. ;通过电子显微镜可以看到 物质的有序结构. [12:28.99]trivial['trivi l] ;a.琐碎的,不重要的 [12:30.21]Never put the trivial above the important in doing anything. ;无论做任何事情切不可本 末倒置. [12:35.63]Lesson 17 ; [12:38.67]abnormal[b'n:m l] ;a.反常的,异常的 [12:39.67]EL Nino has resulted in the abnormal weather in many parts of the world. ;厄尔尼诺现象已经导致 了世界很多地区的气候 反常. [12:43.86]amplity ['mplifai] ;vt.放大(声音等),增强; 扩大,详述,进一步阐述 [12:45.01]The radio signal can be amplified. ;无线电的信号可以放大. [12:47.12]Can you amplify (on) your statement so that we will understand the overall problem? ;你能否对你的说法进一步 说明以使我们理解整个 问题. [12:51.38]bewilder[bi'wild ] ;vt.使迷惑,使难住 [12:52.53]Benny looked around,a bewildered expression on his face. ;本尼东张西望,脸上尽是 迷茫的表情. [12:55.68]The twists and turns in the cave soon bewildered us. ;蜿蜒弯曲的洞穴使我们很 快便失去了方向. [12:59.09]commentary ['km nt ri] ;n.(广播员对球赛等的) 实况报道,(电影的)解 说词;评论,评论文章 [13:00.21]Stop shouting!I can't hear Huang Jianxiang's commentary about the football match. ;别吵了,我都听不清黄建 翔对这场球赛的解说了. [13:04.51]Most housewives never show a slight interest in political commentary. ;大多数家庭主妇对于政治 评论没有一丁点兴趣. [13:08.36]concise[k n'sais] ;a.简明的,简要的 [13:09.77]Your comment is quite concise and to the point. ;你的评论简明扼要,一 语中的. [13:12.77]contaminate [k n'tmineit] ;vt.弄脏,污染 [13:13.74]The water that we have to drink and the air we have to breathe every day ;我们每天必须饮用的水, 每天必须呼吸的空气 [13:17.11]have been badly contaminated. ;遭到严重的污染. [13:18.85]defy[di'fai] ;vt.(公然)违抗,藐视; 使成为不可能;挑,激 [13:20.08]The tabloid in England defies the censure of some people ;英国的这家小报不顾一些 人的指责, [13:22.93]and keeps on publishing the Page 3 Girl- ;继续刊登第三版女郎-- [13:25.53]a picture of a pretty, scantily clad young woman each day. ;即每天在第三版刊登一幅 着装性感的摩登女郎的玉 照. [13:29.12]diminish[di'mini] ;vi.变少,变小,降低?vt.减少,降低 [13:30.35]Time will never cause our love to diminish. ;时光不会使我们的爱情稍 减分毫. [13:32.64]With the popularity of TV,the number of movie viewers has diminished sharply. ;随着电视的普及,电影观 众的数量成逐年下降的 趋势. [13:37.17]duplicate['dju:plikit] ;n.完全一样的东西,复制 品a.完全一样的,复制的 vt.复制,复印;重复 [13:38.39]This research merely duplicates work already done elsewhere ;这项研究仅仅是重复别人 已经做过的工作. [13:41.95]Is this a duplicate or the original? ;这是复制件还是原件? [13:44.51]entrepreneur [,ntr pr 'n :] ;n.企业家 [13:45.88]Born into a poor family,Li Jiacheng had endured many hardships imaginable ;李嘉成生于蓬门荜户,不 知吃了多少苦李嘉成才 [13:50.58]before he finally became a famous entrepreneur. ;成了现在尽人皆知的名 企业家. [13:53.63]extravagant [iks'trvig nt] ;a.奢侈的,铺张的; 过度的,过分的; (言行等)放肆的 [13:55.11]It's quite extravagant for a student to spend 2,000 yuan on a dress. ;花两千元买一套衣服对 于一个学生来说也太奢 侈了. [13:59.30]Most inexperienced young persons tend to hold extravagant hopes for the future. ;大多数未经世事的年轻人 都对未来抱有奢望. [14:04.04]foster['fst ] ;vt.收养,养育;培养,促进 a.收养的,收养孩子的 [14:05.30]People who cannot have a baby of their own sometimes foster a child. ;不能生育的人有时收养别 人的孩子. [14:09.20]The Summit Sessions held in Shanghai ;在上海举行的峰会 [14:11.35]can foster better relations and cooperation between the six countries. ;会大大促进六国之间的 友好关系与合作. [14:15.83]immerse[i'm :s] ;vt.使浸没; (~in)使沉浸在, 使专心于 [14:17.13]The naughty boy immensed himself in the water for quite a while, ;顽皮的男孩长时间地将 整个身子浸没在水下, [14:20.06]which frightened his parents a great deal. ;把他的父母吓个半死. [14:22.47]Nowadays in a world full of material desires ;在当今物欲横流的世界 里, [14:25.73]very few men can immense themselves completely in research work in a true sense. ;有几个人能够真正潜 心研究学问. [14:31.03]hoist[hist] ;vt.举起,升起,吊起 n.起重设备;升起, 举起,吊起 [14:32.59]The child was quite interested in watching the sailors hoisting the cargo ;小孩饶有兴致地看着水手 们将货物 [14:36.21]onto the ship. ;吊到轮船上去. [14:37.30]infectious [in'fek s] ;a.传染的,有传染性的; 有感染力的 [14:38.59]Mind you! ;千万当心! [14:39.52]Hepatitis is a highly infectious type of disease that can be passed on in the food. ;肝炎是一种可以通过食物 传染且传染性极强的疾病 [14:44.23]Her infections laughter filled the room. ;房间里充满了她那有感染 力的笑声. [14:46.38]intent[in'tent] ;n.意图,意向,目的 a.(~on)专心的,专注的 (~on)急切的 [14:47.27]Don't reproach her any more.Anyway,she seemed to behave foolishly but with good intent. ;别再责备她了,虽说她的 行为是有些鲁莽,但她的 出发点是好的. [14:52.50]Judging from what she has been doing after taking power, ;从这位总统上台后的所作 所为不难看出, [14:55.91]it seems that the President is intent on stirring up trouble throughout the world. ;他似乎是想把这个世界 搞得乱七八糟. [15:00.02]jeopardize [dep daiz] ;vt.危及,损害 [15:01.32]As a businessman, ;作为商人, [15:02.73]you must do everything to avoid jeopardizing your fortune by making bad investments. ;你应该千方百计地避免 因投资不当而损失一大 笔钱. [15:07.44]manipulate [m 'mipjuleit] ;vt.操纵,控制,影响; (熟练地)操作,使用 [15:08.92]Qiong Yao made thousands of readers and audience, especially the female, ;琼瑶迷倒了千千万万 的读者和观众 (以女性尤其), [15:13.44]crazy for her plaintive and touching novels and TV plays ;他们被她哀婉动人的小说 和电视剧陶醉, [15:17.07]by manipulating her characters and plots to create interest. ;她通过巧妙地处理人物和 情节来激发兴趣. [15:20.82]nasty['na:sti] ;a.令人讨厌的,令人厌 恶的;难弄的,困难的; a.严重的,恶劣的,险恶的 下流的,道德败坏的 [15:22.15]I had intended to take her as my wife,but her nasty habits her nasty mind, ;我原想娶她为妻,然而她 身上的恶习、卑鄙肮脏的 思想、 [15:26.75]in addition to her nasty temper made me change my mind. ;加上她火暴的脾气,这一 切都使我改变了主意. [15:30.23]orientation [,:ri n'tei n] ;n.方向,目标,方位; 熟悉情况,适应,情况 介绍 [15:31.94]The winding trail caused the hikers to lose their orientation. ;弯弯曲曲的小径使使徒 步旅行者迷失了方向. [15:35.57]Our school has an orientation towards practical skills. ;我们学校着重使用技术 的教学. [15:38.72]This is the orientation week for all the freshmen. ;本周是专门让大一新生熟 悉情况的. [15:41.50]patrol[p 'tr ul] ;vt.在 巡逻,巡查 n.巡逻,巡查;巡逻兵; 巡逻队 [15:42.65]The waters here are patrolled by the enemy mariners day and night ;敌人的潜艇日日夜夜都在 这一带海域巡逻. [15:46.92]The army intensified its patrol along the frontier. ;军队加强了边境的巡逻. [15:50.81]preclude[pri'klu:d] ;vt.阻止,排除,妨碍 [15:51.85]The suicide note precluded the possibility of murder. ;那封绝命书排除了他杀的 可能性. [15:55.26]probe[pr ub] ;n.探针,探测器; 探索,调查 v.探索;查究;探索,探测 (用探针或探测器) [15:56.15]It's impolite to probe too deeply into a lady's peronal affairs ;对女士的私事刨根究底是 不礼貌的. [15:59.63]The police have launched a probe into the suspected drug dealing. ;警方已对这起涉嫌毒品交 易的案子展开了调查. [16:03.12]radiant['reidi nt] ;a.容光焕发的,喜形于 色的;光芒四射的,光辉 灿烂的 [16:04.15]This is a radiant morning.The bride's hands are radiant with rings. ;这是一个阳光明媚的早 晨,新娘子双手的戒指光 彩夺目, [16:07.90]She is radiant with joy. ;她满脸是华光照人的幸 福状. [16:09.98]radiate['reidieit] ;vt.发出(光或热), 辐射;流露,显示 [16:11.50]There was a tenderness that radiated from her that touched and ached me. ;从她的身上我可以感受到 她辐射出的柔情,让我感 动,让我心痛. [16:15.80]reproach[ri'pr ut] ;vt.责备,批评 [16:17.32]You have got nothing to reproach yourself, for the society should be responsible for it. ;你不要自责了,社会才应 该对此负责. [16:21.69]scrap[skrp] ;vt.废弃,抛弃 n.碎片,碎屑;[pl.] 残羹冷饭;少量,点滴 [16:22.65]He wrote down his adress and telephone number on a scrap of paper. ;他将他的地址和电话号码 写在一个小纸头上. [16:26.32]There was not a single scrap of evidence ;没有一丁点证据 [16:28.70]to connect him with the murder of the Nepalese King. ;表明他与尼泊尔国王的 遇刺有任何牵扯. [16:31.77]startle['sta:t l] ;vt.使吃惊,使惊吓 [16:33.15]The murder of the Nepalese King startled the whole world. ;尼泊尔国王遇刺身亡让全 世界感到震惊. [16:36.33]suppress[s 'pres] ;vt.压制,镇压;禁止发表 查禁;抑制(感情等),忍 住;阻止…的生长(发展) [16:37.56]The revolt was ruthlessly suppressed by the military. ;叛乱被军队无情地镇压 下去了. [16:40.45]The Pentagon attempted to suppress documents connected with the case. ;五角大楼试图阻止将与此 案有关的文件公诸于世. [16:44.45]warehouse['w haus] ;n.仓库,货栈 [16:45.68]A warehouse is a building for storing large quantities of goods. ;货仓就是用于储存大量货 物的建筑物. [16:51.27]Lesson 18 ; [16:54.79]accessory[ k'ses ri] ;n.附件零件,配紁l.] (女性手袋之类)装饰品; 同谋,帮凶,包庇犯 [16:55.95]Ladies like wearing accessories such as diamond rings, necklaces and earrings ;女士喜欢戴上诸如钻石戒 指、项链、耳环之类的 首饰. [17:00.47]He was charged with being an accessory to murder. ;他被控为谋杀罪的从犯. [17:03.84]applaud[ 'pl:d] ;vi.鼓掌,喝彩 vt.向…鼓掌, 向…欢呼,赞许 [17:05.25]When the superstar appeared on the stage, all the audience stood up to applaud. ;当这位天皇巨星登上舞台 时,所有的观众都站立起 来向他鼓掌欢呼. [17:09.51]The intoxicated audie- nce applauded every item warmly and asked for many "encores". ;这些如醉如痴的观众对每 一个节目都抱以热烈的掌 声,并多次要求"再来一个 [17:15.22]blunder['blnd ] ;n.错误 v.跌跌撞撞地走,慌乱地 走;犯错误 [17:16.56]The chief blunder of many scholars in doing reseach work ;很多学者在研究工作时的 最大失误 [17:19.56]is their misconception of the classical original works. ;在于他们对于经典原著 的误读. [17:23.15]Learning that his girl friend had fallen in love with another well-off ;得知其女朋友已经移情别 恋,爱上一个腰缠万贯 [17:26.49]and handsome young man,he blundered out of the booth. ;而又潇洒的年轻人时, 他跌跌撞撞地走出了 电话厅. [17:29.94]commonplace ['km npleis] ;a.平庸的,普通的 n.寻常的事物,平庸 的东西 [17:31.61]Some scientists believe ;一些科学家相信, [17:32.96]that soon it will be commonplace for people to travel to the moon. ;不用多久,人们到月球旅 行会变成常见的事. [17:36.32]confidential [,knfi'den l] ;a.机密的;秘密的; 表示信任(或亲密)的; 担任机密工作的 [17:37.65]Remember to keep this information confidential. ;记住要恪守这个机密 情报. [17:40.32]contemplate ['kntempleit] ;vt.注视;凝视; 盘算,技巧;思量, 对...周密考虑 [17:41.51]The new students contemplated each other nervously. ;新生们紧张地相互对视. [17:44.58]We can't just contemplate all day and not take action. ;不要成天什么都不干而一 个劲地冥思苦想. [17:47.77]degenerate [di'den reit] [di'den rit] ;vi.衰退,堕落,蜕化 n.堕落者 a.衰退者,堕落的 [17:48.88]Her health degenerated as the days went by. ;她的健康状况日益恶化. [17:51.85]disable[dis'eibl] ;vt.使丧失能力,伤残 [17:53.15]His uncle was disabled in the civil war,he lost his left arm. ;他的叔父在内战中失去了 一条左臂,成了残废人. [17:56.85]According to the new insurance rules, ;新的保险条例规定 [17:58.86]the disabled for the public benefit are to receive more money. ;因公伤残者将得到更多 的抚恤金. [18:02.64]elevate['eliveit] ;vt.提升职位;提高,改善 使情绪高昂,使兴高采烈; 举起,使上升 [18:03.90]Eisenhower was elevated to the rank of general due to his wise command in battle ;由于在战斗中指挥英明, 艾森豪威尔被提升为 将军. [18:08.83]Reading good books elevates one's mind. ;阅读好书能提高人的心 灵修养. [18:11.46]essence['esns] ;n.本质,实质,要素; 精髓,精华 [18:12.65]Being thoughful of others is the essence of politeness. ;为别人考虑是礼貌的 本质. [18:15.72]This shampoo contains herbal essence. ;这种洗发露含有草本 精华. [18:18.36]fabricate['fbrikeit] ;vt.捏造,伪造(文件等); 编造(谎言,借口等), 建造,创造 [18:19.65]The gang fabricate evidence and threatened witnesses. ;那一伙歹徒伪造证据并 威胁目击者. [18:22.73]The reason he gave for his absence was obviously fabricated. ;他所说的缺席理由显然是 编造的. [18:26.32]glare[gl ] ;vi.(~at)怒目而视;发射 强光,发出耀眼的光线 n.强光;怒视,瞪眼; 炫耀,张扬 [18:27.29]The sun glared out of the blue sky. ;太阳在蓝天上发出强烈 的光. [18:29.40]The old gentleman just stood there glaring at the pickpocket and did not say a word. ;这位老先生只是站在那里 对那个扒手怒目而视,一 句话也没有说. [18:33.74]To avoid glare of the sun,you had better wear a pair of sunglasses. ;为避免耀眼的阳光(照 射),最好戴上墨镜. [18:37.45]homogeneous [,hm u'di:ni s] ;a.同种类的;同性质的, 有相同特征的 [18:39.04]Japan has a largely homogeneous population. ;日本的人口基本上同属一 个种族. [18:42.19]impart[im'pa:t] ;vt.告知,透露; 赋予,给予 [18:43.27]Women tend to impart their secrets to their intimate friends. ;女人往往喜欢把秘密向她 们的好友吐露. [18:46.23]A good teacher should impart wisdom to his pupils. ;好老师就应该把智慧传递 给学生. [18:49.46]ingenious[in'd:ni s] ;a.设计独特的,别致的, 巧妙的;(人或头脑)灵 巧的,善于发明创造的 [18:50.72]An ingenious idea suddenly came upon me. ;我突然想到了一个绝妙 的主意. [18:53.46]The ingenious inventor invented a device which promoted productivity a great deal. ;这位天才发明家发明了一 种能大大提高生产效率的 装置. [18:58.58]intervene[,int 'vi:n] ;vi.干涉,干预; 干扰,阻挠 [18:59.69]The superpower country likes to intervene in the internal affairs of other countries. ;那个超级大国总是把干涉 别国内政当作一种乐趣. [19:04.44]A week intervenes between Christmas and New Year's Day. ;圣诞节和元旦相隔一周. [19:08.59]junction['dk n] ;n.连接点;(道路等)会 合点;枢纽 [19:09.85]The hydro-power station stands at the junction of two rivers. ;水力发电站在两条河流的 汇合处. [19:13.63]mediate['mi:dieit] ;vt.经调解解决, 经斡旋促成 vi.(in,~between)调解 斡旋 [19:14.74]The Union played an important role in mediating a settlement ;工会起了重要作用,通过 调停达成和解 [19:17.56]between the labor and management. ;在劳资双方间. [19:19.37]The minister of foreign affairs mediated between two warring countries. ;外长在两个交战国之间进 行积极的斡旋. [19:23.64]negligible ['neglid bl] ;a.可以忽略不计的, 微不足道的 [19:25.05]Some people's knowledge of English is negligible. ;有些人的英语水平让人不 敢恭维. [19:27.75]In buying a suit,a difference of ten cents in price is negligible. ;买一套衣服价钱只差一 角钱是无所谓的. [19:32.72]originate [ 'ridineit] ;vt.创造,创始,开创 vi(in/from/between) 起源于,来自;产生 [19:34.09]Just as Mao Zedong puts it, ;正如毛泽东所说: [19:36.09]"All theories originate from practice and in turn serve practice." ;"任何理论都来源于实践, 反过来又为实践服务.” [19:40.62]The film originated from a short story. ;这部电影取材于一篇短篇 小说. [19:43.77]The use of steam originated many other reforms. ;蒸汽的使用带来了许多 其他改革. [19:47.40]periodical [,pi ri'dik l] ;n.期刊 a.周期的,定期的, 时而不定的 [19:48.92]All of us,especially the aged,should receive periodical health check-ups. ;我们大家,尤其是老年 人,应该接受定期体检. [19:54.18]predominant [pri'dmin nt] ;a.占主导地位的,显著的 [19:56.11]Sunny days are predominant over rainy days in desert region. ;在沙漠地带,下雨天少得 可怜,绝大多数日子是艳 阳高照. [19:59.60]proclaim[pr 'kleim] ;vt.宣告,宣布,声明 [20:00.82]In Britain,one's accent proclaims his social status. ;在英国,一个人的口音显 示他所处的社会地位. [20:04.38]After its independence China was proclaimed a republic. ;中国独立之后成立共 和国. [20:08.38]retort[ri't:t] ;vt./n.反驳,回嘴 [20:09.57]"It's none of your business."he retorted. ;"你管不着!"他反驳道. [20:11.72]seemingly['si:mili] ;ad.表面上,看上去 [20:12.87]Seemingly there is nothing we can do. ;看来我们帮不上忙. [20:15.21]stationary ['stei n ri] ;a.固定的;静止不动的 [20:16.39]Don't get off the bus until it is stationary. ;等公共汽车停稳了再下 车. [20:18.73]superiority [sju(:),pi ri'riti] ;n.优越(性),优等 [20:20.28]The official aways has a sense of superiority ;这个当官的总是有那么一 种优越感, [20:22.99]as he often assumes an air of superiority before others. ;老在别人面前摆架子. [20:26.96]Man has an intellectual superiority over all the other animals. ;在智力方面,任何动物 都不可与人相抗衡. [20:30.92]threshold['re uld] ;n.门槛;门口;入门, 开端;始起点;最低限度 [20:32.15]The sound was so loud it was on the threshold of pain. ;声音大得开始使人无法忍 受(超过了最低限度). [20:35.11]turbulent ['t :bjul nt] ;a.动荡的,混乱的; 汹涌的,狂暴的 [20:36.34]There still exist turbulent, ;骚动与动荡的潜流依 然存在 [20:38.11]revolutionary undercurrents in this seemingly peaceful world. ;在这个表面上和平的世界 里, [20:42.68]underlying ['nd 'laii] ;a.含蓄的,潜在的 [20:44.64]It's the economist's mission ;那是经济学家的任务 [20:46.15]to try to find out the underlying causes of the depression. ;努力探索出造成经济衰退 的潜在的原因. [20:51.14]Lesson 19 ; [20:54.07]acquaint[ 'kweint] ;vt.使认识,使了解, 使熟悉 [20:55.11]The internet and newspaper acquaint us with recent happenings around the world. ;互联网和报纸使我们能及 时了解天下之事. [20:59.24]array[ 'rei] ;n.排列,队行;展示,陈列 陈列衣服,盛装 vt.排列 配置(兵力),打扮,装饰 [21:00.31]When the array of players of the Royal Madrid turned out in force in the stadium, ;当兵强马壮的皇家马德里 队员鱼贯进入体育场时, [21:04.26]the fans broke into loud cheers. ;球迷们爆发出震耳欲聋 的欢呼声. [21:06.66]The soldiers were arrayed on the hill to ambush the Japanese army. ;兵力就部署在这个小山 上以伏击日军. [21:10.42]capsule['kpsju:l] ;n.胶囊;航空舱,密封舱 [21:11.31]"You should swallow five capsules and ten pills at one time." the physician said. ;医生吩咐道;“一次服下 五粒胶囊,十粒片剂.” [21:15.73]Tito has become the first tourist in the world ;蒂托成为世界上第一位 [21:18.69]who entered the capsule and took a tour in a spaceship. ;进入航空舱、乘坐宇宙 飞船遨游太空. [21:21.79]compact['kmpkt] ;a.紧凑的,小巧的,紧密 的,坚实的n.契约,合同 vt把压实或塞紧,使坚实 [21:23.04]A compact disc is a small circular plastic disc ;CD就是一种小巧的,塑 料圆盘 [21:25.99]on which music or large quantities of information can be stored. ;可以储存音乐及大量 信息. [21:29.68]The six nations made a compact to preserve peace recently in Shanghai. ;六国最近在上海签定了 和约. [21:34.00]configuration [k n,figju'rei n] ;n.构成,结构,配置 [21:35.59]The arrangement of a computer system or network is defined by the nature,number, ;计算机系统或网络的布局 是按其操作部件的特点、 数目、 [21:39.87]the interconnection, and chief characteristics of its functional units. ;互连及主要特性下 定义的. [21:43.97]More specifically,the term configuration may refer to a hardware configuration ;更明确地说,术语“配 置”可以指的是硬件配 置 [21:48.39]or a software configuration. ;或软件配置. [21:50.64]contrive[k n'traiv] ;v.谋划;策划;设计做到; 设法想出 [21:52.05]The notorious drug- pusher has been contriving an escape from the prison. ;这个臭名昭著的大毒枭一 直都在图谋越狱. [21:55.88]Can you contrive to be at the station by noon? ;你能设法在中午前赶到 车站吗? [21:58.76]degrade[di'greid] ;vt.降低...身份, 有辱...人格 [21:59.76]You degrade yourself when you tell a lie. ;说谎会贬低自己的身份. [22:02.08]Some people think that charity degrades those who receive it. ;有的人认为施舍使接受 者蒙羞. [22:05.29]During the Asian Financial CRIsis, ;在亚洲金融危机的关键 时刻, [22:07.44]China made a great contribution to the stability of the world's economy ;中国为稳定世界经 济做出了伟大贡献, [22:11.01]by not degrade Chinese currency. ;坚持人民币不贬值, [22:13.15]discern[di's :n] ;v.看出,察觉出; 识别,认出 [22:14.34]It is difficult to discern the truth. ;很难了解真相. [22:16.29]It was so dark outside that I was just able to discern the road in the dark. ;外面一片漆黑,我在黑暗 中勉强能分辨出道路. [22:20.50]elicit[i'lisit] ;vt.诱出,探出 [22:21.72]After much questioning among the people concerned, ;经在有关人员中反复询 问, [22:24.41]the headmaster at last elicited the truth regarding the incident. ;校长终于问出了那件 事的真相. [22:28.25]eternal[i't :n l] ;a.永久的,永世的; 无休止的,没完没了的; 永恒的,永不改变的 [22:29.35]Rome has been called the Eternal City. ;罗马被称为永恒之城. [22:31.61]Stop this eternal chatter! ;不要没完没了罗嗦不停. [22:33.86]facet['fsit] ;n.(问题等的)一个方面; (多面体的)面 [22:34.78]There are several facets to this question. ;这个问题有几个方面. [22:37.07]glide[glaid] ;vt./vi.滑行,滑动 [22:37.99]The years glided past. ;岁月不知不觉地流逝. [22:39.65]The thief glided out of the room. ;小偷悄悄地溜出了房间. [22:41.68]hospitality [,hspi'tliti] ;n.(对客人的)友好款待, 好客 [22:43.16]It's well known that the Chinese people show great hospitality. ;中国人以热情好客著称 于世. [22:46.81]impulse['impls] ;n.冲动,一时的念头; 推动,驱使;脉冲 [22:48.54]Respect for the liberty of others is not a natural impulse in most men. ;绝大多数人来说,尊重他 人的自由并不是一种自然 的本能. [22:52.93]Immediately after she had bought the dress on impulse,the lady regretted. ;女人一时冲动买了这件 衣服,马上就生出后悔 之意. [22:57.62]inherent[in'hi r nt] ;a.内在的,固有的, 生来就有的 [22:59.13]Polarity is inherent in a magnet. ;极性是磁铁的固有性质. [23:01.79]Weight is an inherent property of matter. ;重量是物质固有的特性. [23:04.52]A woman has an inherent love of beauty. ;女人天生爱美. [23:07.22]intimidate [in'timideit] ;vt.恐吓,威胁 [23:08.69]He said he would never be intimidated by big names and authorities. ;他说他决不会被名人、 权威所吓倒. [23:12.46]justification [,dstifi'kei n] ;n.正当的理由;借口 [23:14.08]The revolutionaries considered misgovern- ment to be a justific- ation for revolution. ;革命家把对国家治理不当 看作是革命的正当理由. [23:18.69]merge[m :d] ;vt./vi.(使)结合, (使)合并,使合为一体 [23:19.73]Can one colour merge into another?If yes, what colour will result? ;一种颜色与另一种颜色混 合在一起吗?如果可以, 那会产生什么颜色呢? [23:24.15]The steel trusts merged various small business. ;钢铁托拉斯联合兼并了 许多企业. [23:27.62]notable['n ut b l] ;a.值得注意的,显著的, 著名的 n.名人,要人 [23:28.69]Sled dogs are notable for their stamina. ;雪橇狗以它们的忍耐力 而著称. [23:31.24]The city formed a commission of notable citizens. ;这个城市组成了一个特别 市民委员会. [23:34.38]ornament[':n m nt] ;n.装饰品,点缀品 vt.装饰,点缀 [23:35.48]The palace was rich in ornament. ;宫廷装饰琳琅满目. [23:37.47]Do you like ornamenting the house with flowers and paintings? ;你喜欢用花和画装饰 房子吗? [23:41.42]permeate['p :mieit] ;vi.透入 vt.弥漫;遍布,散布; 渗入,渗透 [23:43.16]Water will permeate blotting paper. ;水能渗透吸水纸. [23:45.56]Our thinking is permeated by our historical myths. ;我们的历史神话渗透着我 们的思想. [23:49.14]premise['premis] ;n.[pl.](企业、机构等 使用)房屋及基地, 经营场址;前提,假设 [23:50.47]If your premise is established,your conclusions are easily deducible. ;如果你的前提成立,那么 就很容易推断出你的结 论了. [23:54.56]If the premise is found to be true, ;若前提为真, [23:56.74]the corresponding action specified in the rule conclusion is taken. ;则采取规则结论所规定 的相应行为. [24:00.80]productive [pr 'dktiv] ;a.多产的,富饶的;富 有成效的 [24:02.20]The productive writer cannot produce any more works now. ;此高产作家现在已经是 江郎才尽了. [24:05.37]"Un" is a productive prefix. ;"Un" 是一个构词力活跃 的前缀. [24:08.55]random['rnd m] ;a.随意的,随机的 [24:09.91]Please choose a number at random. ;请随便选取一个号码. [24:11.98]retrieve[ri'tri:v] ;vt.重新得到;取回,收回 挽回,补救;检索 [24:13.16]Some dogs are trained to retrieve game. ;一些狗被训练来衔回 猎物. [24:15.56]Something should be done at once to retrieve the error. ;应该立即采取措施来补 救错误. [24:18.73]sentiment['sentim nt] ;n.意见,观点;感情,情绪 [24:19.91]There's no place for sentiment in business. ;做生意不能感情用事. [24:22.53]Sentiment should be controlled by reason. ;感情应受理智的控制. [24:25.08]strive[straiv] ;vi.努力,奋斗,力求 [24:26.30]Modern men have to strive with various temptations. ;现代人不得不与各种各样 的诱惑作斗争. [24:29.77]suspicious [s 'spi s] ;a.猜疑的,疑心的;可疑的 (~of)表示怀疑的 [24:31.35]The ignorant are suspicious. ;无知者多疑. [24:33.42]Don't always be suspicious of us! ;不要老是对我们疑神疑 鬼的! [24:36.19]tiresome['tai s m] ;a.令人疲劳的; 令人厌倦的 [24:37.77]The tiresome lecture seemed endless;nearly half of the audience dozed of. ;索然无味的演讲似乎没完 没了,几乎一半的听众都 打起了瞌睡. [24:42.57]uphold[p'h uld] ;vt.支持,维护 [24:43.79]Men should also do everything to uphold women's legal rights. ;男人也应该竭其所能去 维护妇女们的合法权益. [24:47.18]The judge upheld the lower court's decision. ;法官维持下级法院的 判决. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180322/544482.html