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得州午夜(Midnight Texas) 第01季 第04集 第04期

杀了警长 killed the sheriff. 你才从监狱里出来 And you just got out of jail 涉嫌谋杀 on suspicion of murder, 我们冒着生命危险才把你弄出来 and we risked our lives to get you out. 而你追踪劳里只会把警察 And you going after Lowry's just gonna bring the cops 引回午夜镇 right back to Midnight. 这对大家都没好处 That is not good for anybody. 所以你得置身事外 So you will stay out of it. 你说的完全没错 You're totally right. Yep. 当然没错 You bet I am. 我没有 I wasn't, um... 考虑清楚 thinking straight. 毫无疑问 You certainly were not. 我不会去趟这浑水 I'll stay clear of this whole mess. 我 I... 保证 Promise. 很好 Good. 你今晚想来吃晚饭吗 Now, do you want to come over for dinner tonight? 我做牧羊人馅饼 I am making shepherd's pie. 我超爱你的牧羊人馅饼 I love your shepherd's pie. 我知道 I know. 有人吗 Hello? -等会儿见 -好的 - I'll see you later. - Okay. 我需要和这里的工作人员谈谈 I need to speak to somebody who works here. 我就是 That would be me. 最近有人来这里 Did a guy come in here recently 当了一块劳力士吗 and pawn a Rolex? 他开的是一辆复古红卡迪拉克吗 Did he drive a vintage red Caddy? 混蛋 Ass-head. 那是我弟弟 It's my brother. 他失踪了 父母很担心他 He's missing, and our parents are worried about him. 他没有说过要去哪儿吧 He didn't happen to say where he was going? 他没说过 He didn't say. 但我应该知道能帮到你的人 But I do think I know someone who can help you. 我现在很质疑搬来这里的这个决定 I'm not sure moving here was a smart play. 我以为你喜欢这里 I thought you liked it. 我常看见那位可爱的服务员过来 I've been seeing that cute waitress drop by. 在网上做通灵不错 The online-psychic thing is fine, 但我现在急需挣钱 but I need to make some serious money. 海塔尔是不会收手的 Hightower's not letting up. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/Midnight-Texas-01-04-4.html