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得州午夜(Midnight Texas) 第01季 第04集 第03期

住房车 the RV, 看起来像在逃亡路上 the fact that it looks like you're running from something. 不能只看外表 Well, looks can be deceiving. 虽然这事被说中了 但真的不能只看外表 Not in this case, but they can. 他不知道的是我并不介意 Well, what he doesn't know is that I don't care. 我只想要你的肉体 I'm just using you for your body. 借过 Excuse me. 我只是以为从吸血鬼手中救了他全家后 I just figured after saving his entire family from vampires, 他应该会对我开开绿灯 the guy would have cut me some slack. 一点也没有 Not even a little bit. 所以 你要是希望我们继续下去 So, if you want this thing between us to continue, 就意味着我爸不能知道我们 it means my dad cannot know what we've been doing 在我午休时干的事 on my lunch breaks. 说真的 Seriously. 如果这样说能让你感觉好一点的话 Um, but if it makes you feel better, 我觉得这样偷偷摸摸的 I think this whole sneaking-around thing's 挺性感的 kind of hot. 你这么说的时候确实能让我舒坦一点 Well, it does feel less oppressive when you say it like that. 我下班后给你发短信 I'm gonna text you after my shift. 语音信箱 海塔尔 警方正在调查警长的死因 我给你带了点... Hey, I brought you some-- 怎么了 What's wrong? 调查什么啊 Investigation, my ass. 他们知道是谁 劳里 奥布雷的老公 They know who did it-- Lowry, Aubrey's husband. 问题是他们找不着他 Problem is they can't find him. 会找到的 They will. 我正好知道撒旦之子 Well, I happen to know for a fact that Sons of Lucifer 都在卡通沙龙的密室里碰头 hangs out in the back room of the Cartoon Saloon. 你不会是想去吧 You're thinking about going there, aren't you? -不知道 -你应该明白 - I don't know. - Well, you should know. 不能去 Don't. 让警察去调查 Just let the cops do their job 远离卡通沙龙 and stay away from the Cartoon Saloon. 他杀了奥布雷 He killed Aubrey... 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/Midnight-Texas-01-04-3.html