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大群(Legion) 第01季 第04集 第06期

如果他是来销毁证据的呢 What if he came here to get rid of evidence? 一段对话 他说多了的一次 A conversation, the one time he said too much. 如果记忆成了一个梦 要如何寻找真相 How do you find the facts when memory becomes a dream? 大卫 David. 爱丽丝进入了兔子洞 Alice went down the rabbit hole. 桃乐西来到了奥兹国 Dorothy landed in Oz. 她真去了吗 Or did she? 我在找我爱的人 I was looking for the man I loved. 还是说我爱上的是他这个概念 Or did I just love the idea of him, 他展示给我的一面 the face he showed me? 我只能追随线索 All I could do was follow the lines, 拉动绳子 pull a string. 他做的事 The things he'd done. 他说的话 The things he'd said. 我们不就是我们告诉自己的故事吗 Who are we, if not the stories we tell ourselves? 你好 Hello. 谁 Who's that? 我在这儿 I'm here. 我存在 I exist! 我在一间牢房里 I'm in a cell! 我们得小点声说话 We should speak quietly. 他们或许在听 They might--might be listening. 谁 Who? 告诉我你叫什么 Tell me your name. 艾米·哈勒 Amy...Haller. 天呐 My god. 你是他姐姐 The sister. 你是谁 Who are you? 我叫基辛哲 我是... My name is Kissinger. I was-- 大卫的医生 David's doctor. 我去医院找你来着 I went to the hospital to look for you. 他们说你不存在 They said you didn't exist. 我存在 I do. 我以前存在 Well, I used to. 他们... Have they-- 你告诉他们他在哪了吗 Did you tell them where he is? 没有 No. 我不知道 I don't know. 我好久没见过他了 自从... I haven't seen him since-- 你呢 Did you? 没有 No. 他离开医院后 After he left the hospital, 他跟我们一起住了几晚 he stayed with us for a few nights, but-- 你知道 Did you know 他没病吗 that he wasn't sick? 他有异能 That--that he had powers? 他提到过幻音 幻觉 He spoke of voices, visions. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/Legion-01-04-6.html