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大群(Legion) 第01季 第04集 第05期

无意冒犯 但跟他比 I mean no offense, but compared to him, 跟他的异能比 你就是扑克牌戏法 his power, you're a card trick. 我读过案卷 I read the report. 他弄碎了医生的头颅 He broke the doctor's skull. 他们不得不让他进入诱导性昏迷 They had to put the guy in a coma 好消肿 to get the swelling down. 那还是他用拳头 And that was with his fists. 想想他用了异能会怎么样 Imagine if he used his power. 他是颗炸弹 He's a bomb. 星星们怎么说 What did the stars say? -什么 -普尔医生问大卫"星星们怎么说" - What? - Dr. Poole asked David, "What did the stars say?" 我看到过他 And I saw him 我们在他脑子里时 when we were in his mind, 就在怪物出现之前 just before the monster came. 我看到他了 一闪而过 I saw him, like a flash. 他...他在往嘴里塞带子 录音带 He had--he was stuffing tape into his mouth, audio tape. 他的手... And his hands were... -你是说 -跳点 - Are you saying-- - Glitches. 遗漏 Omissions. 你看过他的记忆 You've seen his memories. 里面有缝隙 空缺 There are rips in them, gaps. -如果... -我见过植入记忆 - What if-- - I've seen implanted memories before. 总能看出来的 You can always tell. 那是从外面植入 Implanted from the outside. 我是说 I'm talking about-- 大卫很强大 He's so powerful, David. 或许他把真实记忆藏在了假记忆后 Maybe he's hidden his real memories behind fake ones. 为什么 Why? 我不知道 I don't know. 这么费尽心思 A lot of effort 说服自己你男朋友是个好人 just to convince yourself your boyfriend's a nice guy. 带子上的对话 Conversation's on tape. 星星们怎么说 What did the stars say? 我知道他在隐瞒什么 I know he's hiding things. 再干一次我就金盆洗手 One last job, and we're out. 或许他进来不是 What if he didn't come in here 为了偷无线电和钱呢 to steal a radio or some coins? 可能会大捞一笔 Big score potential. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/Legion-01-04-5.html