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大学同窗(Friends From College) 第01季 第02集 第01期

-爽啊 -玛丽安娜在睡觉呢 - Oh, yeah. - Marianne's sleeping. 好爽 Oh, yeah. 有没有更爽了 Oh, yeah. Is that better? 天啊 我好担心今天的工作 Oh, God, I'm so worried about work today. 真希望自己不是混对冲基金的 I wish I wasn't working at a hedge fund. 跟第一天上学一样的小紧张而已啦 That's just first day of school jitters, okay? 你会是那里最聪明的人 You're going to be the smartest person in the place. 记住 Remember that. 不是担心这个 是那种邪恶的环境 It's not that. It's... the evil. 好爽啊 Oh, yeah. -天啊 快来 -我要来了 - Oh, God, give it to me. - I'm going to give it to you. -来了来了 -什么声音 - Take it. Here. - What was that? 是谁 玛丽安娜吗 What was that? Is that Marianne? 不 我和你说 肯定不是玛丽安娜 No, no, no, no, no, no. I'm telling you, that can't be Marianne. 她不可能这么早起床 There's no way she's up this early. 她有啥要干啊 毛都没有 What does she have to do? Nothing. 你说得对 You're right. 她就像只猫 She's like a cat. 睡了吃 吃了睡 All she does is nap and eat. 早上好啊 伙计们 Good morning, guys! 见鬼 Shit. 怎么啦 Hey, what? 嗨 我们刚醒呢 Hey. Oh, we're waking up. -几点了 -我们正要起床呢 - What time is it? - Oh, we're waking up. 我们刚醒呢 We're just... we're just waking up. 我们真的刚醒呢 We're just... we're literally just waking up right now. -怎么了 -早上好呀 瞧瞧你 - What's happened? - So, hey, look at you. 要去做瑜伽晨练是吗 Some early morning yoga, huh? 对 六点半的课 Yep. 6:30 a.m. class. -那很好啊 -太棒了 - Good for you. - That's really wonderful. 简直棒极了 真是开启新一天的好方法啊 That's wonderful. That's good. A good way to start the day. 你觉得她听见了吗 Do you think she heard us? 什么 不不不 不会听到的 What? No, no, no, it's fine. 玛丽安娜 我要煮咖啡了 你要来点吗 Hey, Marianne, I'm going to make some coffee. Do you want some? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/Friends-From-College-01-02-1.html