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大学同窗(Friends From College) 第01季 第01集 第19期

他们起初追杀"智障" 我不说话 When they came for "Retarded," I said nothing, you know? 接着他们追杀"这样很基佬" 我不说话 When they came for "That's so gay," I said nothing. 但总得有个底线吧 But it's like, you got to draw the line somewhere, you know? 比如不能禁用"婊子"这个词 It's like you can't take away "Cunt". 不能... You can't... 禁用"婊子" take away "Cunt"! -这真的是句伟大的脏话 -给我抽口 - It's such a great fucking word. - Give me this. 天呐 太爽了 Oh, my God, that's so good. 你干嘛提达希尔的事 Why would you bring Dashiell up? 在派对上说这个一点也不好笑 That is not a funny dinner party story. 一点也不好笑 It's not funny! 我不能讲我自己儿子的故事吗 I can't tell a story about my own son? -我不明白这里的规矩 -不是规矩的问题 - I don't understand the code here. - There's no code. 达希尔的行为让我羞愧 I'm ashamed of Dashiell's behavior 我不希望你在外面吃饭说这个 and I don't want it to be someting you dining out on, 尤其在我朋友面前 especially around my friends. 看吧 这就是问题所在 See, that's what this is about. 不好意思我没和你们一起上过哈佛 Sorry I didn't go to Harvard with you. 只要和他们在一块 You get off on acting like you're too good for me 你就表现得高我一等 纯属扯淡 whenever you're around them. I think that's bullshit. 让我在自家餐桌上禁言 Telling me to be quiet at my own dinner table? 你们都活在过去 是时候放下了 You're all just living in the past. You should let the past go. 现在的时光也很美好 The present's a pretty cool place to be too. 你知道我不明白什么吗 You know what I don't understand? 我都不知道他是怎么知道那个词 I don't understand how he even knows that word. 你用那个词吗 Do you use that word? 用吗 Do you? 用吗 Do you? 《爱批判的婊子》是基德·酷迪的歌 "Judgmental Cunt" is a Kid Cudi song. 我开车的时候他听到过 He heard it in my car. 一个四岁小孩 A four-year-old? -他才四岁 -这首歌很好记 - He's four years old! - It's a catchy song. -他应该听拉菲 -他更喜欢基德·酷迪 - He should be listening to Raffi! - He prefers Kid Cudi! 你我都知道拉菲很逊 You and I both know Raffi sucks! 丽莎 Lisa. 丽莎 Lisa. 丽莎 Lisa. -海豹 -不要 - Seal thing! - No. -对 海豹 -海豹 - Yes, seal thing! - Seal thing. 海豹 Seal thing! 好吧 Okay. 你在这干嘛 What are you doing? 打扫一下游戏室 Cleaning up the playroom. 你当时撒谎是为了让我觉得你很棒吗 Hey, did you lie about your book to impress me? 没错 Yes. 我的确出于这个目的 Yes, I did do that. 百分之百正确 100 percent. 成功了吗 Did it work? 海豹 Seal thing! -海豹 -宝刀未老 - Seal thing! - Still got it! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/Friends-From-College-01-01-19.html