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生活大麻烦(Disjointed) 第01季 第07集 第01期

大家好 Hi, everybody. 欢迎收看"每日一药" Welcome to Strain O' The Day. 你们应该看到我们俩都盛装打扮了 You've noticed we're a little dressed up. 要是没看到 拜托 眼睛睁大点 But if you haven't, come on, dude, focus. 我们俩穿着标签都没摘的舞会裙子 We're wearing fancy-ass gowns with the tags still on 为了致敬今天"每日一药"的主题 in honor of today's strain... 毕业舞会之夜 Prom Night. 这种大麻为主的合成物可是专门为了 This sativa-dominant hybrid has been specially engineered 五月的这个魔幻之夜而特制的哦 to recreate the way you felt that magical evening in May. 当你漫步在舞池时还会对舞伴的 Young, giddy and deeply curious about that hard lump 某个硬梆梆的东西感到意乱情迷的好奇呢 pressed against you during the slow dance. 说到这儿 Speaking of which... -我们的舞伴来啦 -他们来啦 -our dates have arrived! - Our dates have arrived! 女士们 你们好 Hello, ladies. 皮特 快来 Pete, come on. 我在公社长大 不知道啥叫毕业舞会 Grew up on a commune, I don't know what a prom is. 衣服真不错 Sweet threads. 你们俩就像学校里最酷的两个男孩 You two look like the coolest dudes in school. 我知道因为我快死了所以你才约我出来 Yeah. I know you only asked me out because I'm dying, 不过我不介意 but I'm okay with that. 发生了什么 What's happening? 闭嘴 Stop it. 所以你们俩 带了吗 So, did you guys, like, bring it? 当然带了 We sure did. 这个颜色和我裙子好相衬 It matches my dress. 毕业舞会专售 1/8盎司只需50美元 And Prom Night is only $50 an eighth. 所以你还能用剩下的钱买点紧急避孕药 So, you'll have money left over to buy that morning-after pill. 我们今晚看来会很有收获 We're definitely getting some tonight. 我们的收获不就在这里 但她们戴着 We have some right here, but they're wearing it -而且我还是不知道为啥 -皮特 -and I still don't know why. -Pete. 孩子们好 Hi, kids. 你们该不会以为你们能不拍照就走吧 You didn't think you were getting away without pictures, did you? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/Disjointed-01-07-1.html