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生活大麻烦(Disjointed) 第01季 第06集 第12期

唐娜大麻是一种高能大麻 Donna Weed is a high-energy strain 能让折床套变得好玩 that makes folding fitted sheets fun again. 比如说 我之前抽了两根唐娜大麻 For instance, I smoked two joints of the Donna earlier, 现在我洗了两份衣服 一份碗筷 and now, I've done two loads of laundry, one load of dishes, 康纳的加州使命立体模型 Connor's California Mission diorama... 真正的铃铛 Real bells! 来看看我的餐具室 And, please, check out my pantry. 超他妈漂亮 It's fucking beautiful. 太美了 It's just gorgeous. 太他妈井井有条了 Look, it's so fucking organized! 瞧瞧啊 瞧瞧啊 他妈的 Look at it! Look at it! Fucking-- 我所有的罐头都在这里 按字母顺序排序 Okay. All of my jars are here, stored alphabetically, okay? 那上面是茶叶袋 Then we got my tea-bag doodad up there. 这是我的橄榄 按果核大小排序 These are my olives, organized by pit size, of course. 这边是我的枫树糖浆 And over here are my maple syrups 从东到西按加拿大省的顺序排列 from east to west by Canadian province. 然后是我引以为傲的调味品架 And, of course, my pride and joy, my spice rack. 分别是甜胡椒 茴芹 罗勒 红辣椒 小茴香 Starting with allspice, anise, basil, chili pepper, cumin, 莳萝 莳萝籽 莳萝叶 茴香 dill, dillseed, dill weed, fennel, 大蒜瓣 大蒜粉 大蒜盐 garlic flakes, garlic powder, garlic salt, 哈瓦那辣椒段 意大利香料 habanero flakes, Italian seasoning, 和一罐垃圾 and a big jar of bullshit. 因为我在骗谁呢 Because who am I kidding? 这些香料都只是为了按字母顺序排列的 These are only here to be put in alphabetical order. 我都不用这些东西 I mean, I don't use these things. 我都不知道这是干什么的 I don't even know what they do. 我要给什么东西加香料吗 What, I'm gonna spice something? 我每周叫三次外卖 I mean, I-- I order in three times a week 剩下的时间里 还有个 and I've got a Guatemalan housekeeper 危地马拉的管家做饭 that does the rest of the cooking. 她现在在操控相机 She's manning the camera right now. 谢谢你 罗西塔 我说得还不够多 Thank you, Rosita. I don't say it enough. 我做的事情就只是磕嗨 I mean, all I do is just get high, 吃东西 看《国际版购房人》 eat, and watch House Hunters International. 抱歉 我不知道怎么了 I'm sorry. I don't know what's happening. 我不知道现在怎么了 I don't know what's happening right now. 如果你喜欢这段视频 请点赞 Click "Like" if you enjoyed this video. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/Disjointed-01-06-12.html