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BBC地平线 跨性别者(Being Transgender) 第26期

你小时候 我有个好儿子 I had you, when you were just a young child, 之后在你转变的过程中 and then later on, in your transition, 我得到了一个美丽的女儿 I got a beautiful daughter out of it. 多棒啊 So, how cool is that? 我感觉... I feel like... 我的生命从25岁开始 始于这台手术 I'm just now beginning my life at 25, getting my surgery. 身为跨性别者并错误地拥有了某些身体部位 I feel like that's all I've ever thought about 这件事我思考了很久 and stressed out about, is me being transgender 也十分困扰 and having the wrong parts. 我这辈子从没这么高兴过 I am the happiest I've ever been in my life, 因为我一直在等待 because I waited... 一件自认为永不可能的事 生理转变 for something I thought would never be possible, my transition. 我经历了这么多终于能做变性手术了 I have come this far to get my gender reassignment surgery 我终于可以当自己是女孩 just so I can finally consider myself a girl, 因为一直以来 because I've lived so long 别人都把我当作男孩 being considered a boy from everyone else. 我觉得这是一个正确的选择 I feel that this is the right decision 而且会彻底改变我的一生 and will completely change my life. 莱斯特 莱斯特郡 对我来说 在我的转变过程中 For me, in my transition, 我会摄入异性性激素 I'm going to be taking cross-sex hormones, 也就是睾酮 which is testosterone, 那会让我的身体更加男性化 which will have a masculising effect on my body. 在转变过程中身边有一群人支持你 Having a good support network whilst you're transitioning 非常重要 is so important. 我最好的朋友 弗莱彻和格雷 My best friends, Fletch and Grey, 在我转变过程中很支持我 have been amazing throughout the whole process. -嗨 你还好吗 -很好 你呢 - Hiya. How are you- I'm good. You? -嗨 -嗨 - Hello. - Hello. 丽莎来自同性恋 双性恋及变性者中心 Lisa from the LGBT centre, 我们称她为变性者的仙女妈妈 we call her the Fairy Trans Mother.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/Being-Transgender-26.html