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BBC地平线 跨性别者(Being Transgender) 第25期

镜子前面 也看不到任何疤痕 in front of a mirror, you don't see a scar. 好了 我们需要做一个检查 All right, so we need to do an exam. 不介意的话 请坐到这里 Let's have you jump over there, if you don't mind. 深呼吸 Deep breath, please. 很好 Good. 我宣布 你非常健康 I pronounce you fit as a fiddle. 太好了 我很健康 Yay, I'm a fiddle! 这个手术对你来说意味着什么 What does this surgery mean to you? 毕竟这一过程已经持续八年了 I mean, it's been eight years in the making. 事实上大概已经持续了二十年了 Well, it's actually been, like, 20 something years in the making. 我一直都知道我不想要某些身体部位 I've always known I didn't want the parts I had, 我只是不知道那意味着什么 I just didn't know what that meant. 你觉得我有没有过一点... Do you think that I had kind of... 怀疑 我原本养的是个儿子 suspected... I mean, here I was raising a son, 结果突然间 and all of a sudden... 家里都变成粉色的了 there was a lot of pink in the house. 突然间 And all of a sudden, 你把唐卡玩具卡车丢在院子里落土 you left the Tonka trucks in the back yard to rust, 一心只要芭比娃娃 and you just wanted Barbies. -你知道吗... -你怎么觉得 - And, you know... - What did you think? 这一切发生的时候你是怎么想的 Like, how did you really feel when that was going on? 因为我的余生都会如此 Because that went on for the rest of my life. 刚开始我有一点... At first, I was a little bit... 没有把握 所以我就想 insecure about it, so I just thought, "没必要太当回事" "Well, you know, I don't have to make a big deal out of it." 我知道我不是男孩 也不是男人 I knew I was not a boy or a man, 我从未如此觉得 I've never felt that way. 有时人们把这称为丢了儿子 得个女儿 Sometimes people refer to it as losing a son, gaining a daughter. 这话非常正确 因为 And that's very true, because, 儿子女儿我都拥有过最好的 I mean, I had the best of both worlds.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/Being-Transgender-25.html