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BBC地平线 跨性别者(Being Transgender) 第24期

天哪 Oh, my gosh. 酷不酷 Isn't that cool? 天哪 像《草原上的小木屋》的风格 Oh, my God, Little House On The Prairie! 美国女作家劳拉·怀尔德系列小说 描述19世纪美国大草原淳朴美好的生活 -我要试几条裙子 -好的 - OK, so I guess I'm going to try on some of these dresses. - OK. 我记得你以前特别喜欢试漂亮有型的衣服 I remember that you loved to try on really pretty, dressy stuff. 我多小的时候 And how young was I? 大概两岁 About two. 你每次试漂亮衣服 I mean you could tell how happy it made you 喜悦之情都溢于言表 whenever you could try things on that were beautiful. 我从四五岁开始就觉得自己是 I just have always felt like a normal girl since I was, 一个普通女孩 like, four or five. 看着还行吗 妈妈 Does this look OK, mother? 好漂亮 Oh, that's really pretty! 他们有大点的镜子吗 Do they have a bigger mirror? 太美了 亲爱的 Oh, that's beautiful, honey. 医院入口 好激动 我们终于来这里了 We're so excited to be here finally. 我的天哪 我们到这了 Oh, my gosh. We're here! 这一路真是太漫长了 It's been such a long road. 谢谢你接收我 Thank you for getting me in. 流程是怎么样的 What is the process? 有点像薯头先生 It's a little bit like Mr Potato Head, 美国家喻户晓的玩具 在一个土豆模型上添加各种部位与器官 -或者说是薯头小姐 -说得好 - or Miss Potato Head. - Sweet! 我们提取部分阴囊上的皮瓣 From some of the scrotal skin, 然后移植成阴道 we graft that and that becomes the vagina. 阴道又和部分反向的阴茎外皮相连 And that's attached to part of the inverted penile skin. 但另一点很重要的是 But the other part that's really important is 我不喜欢伤疤 that I don't like scars. 所以我们一直很坚持 And so we've really been very strident 通过隐藏切口来使伤疤最小化 at trying to minimise scarring by hiding the incisions, 把切口藏进腹股沟里 这样就算你站在 by pushing them off into the groins, that when you're standing来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/Being-Transgender-24.html