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BBC地平线 跨性别者(Being Transgender) 第23期

每台手术 The surgery each and every time 都是非常复杂和精细的 is just very complicated and intricate. 整合每一个部位 And, so, to be able to put it all together 让外形看起来好看 and then make it look pretty, 做这种手术 真的是我的荣幸 it's actually really... It's a great honour to do. 对我来说 就像创作身体艺术 For me, it's doing, like, body art. 我自已也曾经 I have a history of having 经历了这种手术 been through this change process myself 发生在上世纪90年代 back in the 1990s. 我是自身有变性经历 I was the first person with a transgender history 又操作变性手术的第一人 世界第一 to actually perform the surgery, in the world. 马尔奇 当时 我是瑞典医疗中心 At the time, I was the head of the gynaecologist department 西雅图妇产科的妇科主任 of OB/GYN in Seattle at the Swedish Medical Center, 身居高位 which is a very high-profile position. 当我变性时是个重磅事件 So it was a very big deal when I transitioned 吓到了很多人 你要明白 当时 because it just shocked people. You know, it was... 当时 当时像我那样出柜 It was... It was a time when it was still very hard 是非常难的 to come out like that. 我依然和同一个人保持着婚姻 I'm still married, actually, to the same person. 我们有点像 And we've sort of... 我们的关系变得像姐妹情 Our relationship has transitioned into one more of a sisterhood, 我想我可以这么说 I guess I would call it, 我们是最好的朋友 where we're best friends, 我们共同养育了三个孩子 but we have three kids together. 我的伴侣和我的几个孩子 My spouse and all of my kids 一直以来都很棒 have been fantastic from the first day. 瓦妮莎 我从十四五岁开始就想做这个手术 I've wanted the surgery done since I was about 14 or 15. 我很高兴手术是由马尔奇·鲍尔斯来做 I'm just glad that Marci Bowers is performing it. 太可爱了 天哪 That's so cute. Oh, my God. 我想要那边那个 I want that right there.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/Being-Transgender-23.html