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BBC地平线 跨性别者(Being Transgender) 第22期

才让我坐在椅子上没逃走 which is what keeps me in the chair and not running off. 你拍到了吗 So, did you get that bit? -拍到的够了吗 -是的 够了 - Is that bit OK- Yes, it's OK. 我们检查了你声带的运动 起码 今天过去了 总算过去了 And at the very least, it's a day out, gets you out of the house. 每个人出生前 大家想知道的第一件事 Before anyone's born, the first thing everyone wants to know is - 婴儿是什么性别 是男孩 还是女孩 what gender is this babyIs it a boyIs it a girl? 从那开始 And from that stage, 就好像这个孩子的整个人生都取决于此 it's almost like their kid's entire life is set out for them. 对我个人来说 我就像是隐形人 For me, personally, I felt like I was invisible. 人们和我说话 So people would talk to me, 但并不是和我认同的那个"自我" but they weren't talking to someone I identified with. 每个人都可能遇到这种事 It would be like this for anybody. 想想整个一生都被称呼错误的名字 Imagine being called the wrong name your entire life, 如果你是女孩 想象一下被当作男人 or if you're a girl, imagine being called a guy when you're not. 就像因不曾犯下的罪而入狱 It's like being in a prison for a CRIme you didn't commit. 加利福尼亚州 旧金山 马尔奇·鲍尔斯医生是旧金山附近的一名医生 Dr Marci Bowers is a surgeon based near San Francisco. 她致力于性别确认手术 She specialises in gender confirmation surgery. 她的变性患者来自世界各处 Transgender patients come from all over the world to see her. 我们的专长是生殖器 We are specifically dealing with the genitals. 我们做男变女 也做女变男 We're converting either male to female or female to male. 我两种都做 I do both. 我做的最多的是男变女 The male to female's what I do most of. 一年大约150台手术 I perform about 150 per year. 差不多是隔天一次 So that's pretty much one every other day. 这么看的话 If you look at it that way, 是个挺壮观的数字 which is kind of an extraordinary number.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/Being-Transgender-22.html