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BBC News:London authorities' BAME staff paid less than white counterparts

Black and ethnic minority (BAME) staff working for London's authorities are paid 17% less on average than their white counterparts, a report has found. The Mayor of London has published the first ever ethnicity pay audit of the Greater London Authority (GLA) Group - including police and fire services. Of the 42 top-paid staff only two were BAME, the report said. Sadiq Khan said he was "determined to confront this inequality" that can become "deeply entrenched" over time. The ethnicity audit found the pay gap was "particularly stark" at the Met Police, the Greater London Authority and the capital's two development corporations. There was no pay disparity at the London Fire Brigade, where both white and BAME employees earned an average of £16.36 per hour. Disparities were caused not by BAME employees being paid less for the same job but by under-representation in senior jobs, the report concluded. A gender pay audit published by the mayor in 2016 found female employees were paid 5% less on average. Mr Khan said: "I am deeply troubled that members of the Black, Asian and minority ethnic community who work at these organisations earn on average less than their white counterparts. "My administration is shining a light on an issue that has been hidden for far too long." 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/BBC-News-London-authorities-BAME-staff-paid-less-than-white-.html