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剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit3 Section1(02)

SECTION 1(2) M = Male student F = Female student C = Clerk C: Good morning, can I help you? M: Yes, I was told to come over here to get a parking sticker. Is this the right place? C: Yes, it is. Are you a post graduate student? M: Yes, I am. C: OK, well, I'll just need to take some details... Your name? M: Richard Lee—that's spelt L double E. Q5 C: Richard... Lee. And the address? M: Flat 13, 30 Enmore Road Q6 C: How do you spell Enmore? M: E-N-M-0-R-E. And that's in the suburb of Newport: N-E-W-P-0-R-T. Q7 C: Faculty? M: I beg your pardon? C: Which faculty are you in? M: Architecture, the Faculty of Architecture. Q8 C: Right ... and the registration number of your car? M: Let me see um L X J five oh ... No, sorry, I always get that wrong, it's LJX 058K. Q9 C: LJX 508K. M: No... 058K C: Ah. And what make is the car? M: It s a Ford Q10 C: A Ford. Fine! Well, I'll just get you to sign here and when you've paid the cashier I'll be able to issue you with the sticker. M: Right. Where do I pay? C: Just across the corridor in the cashier's office. Oh, but it's 12.30 now and they close at 12.15 for lunch. But they open again at a quarter past two until Q11 4.30. M: Oh .. they're not open till quarter past two? C: No. When you get your sticker, you must attach it to the front windscreen of Q12 your car. I m afraid it's not valid if you don't have it stuck on the window. M: Right, I see. Thanks very much I'll just wait here then. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/542102.html