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随身应急英语会话 第20期:在旅馆内的紧急情况(01)

1.Reservation desk,please. 请接服务台。 2.I'll be late checking in. 我将会晚一点来登记。 3.What time will you come? 你什么时候来呢? 4.It seems I can't go there today. 我今天似乎无法到达那里。 5.May I go there late? 我可迟点儿到那里吗? 6.I don't know when I can check in. 我不知道何时能去登记。 7.Please call us in case you come late. 假如你来迟了请打电话给我们。 8.By what time shall I check in? 我何时可以登记? 9.I do want to stay in this hotel. 我确实要在这个旅馆停留。 10.We rent it to someone if not a call from you. 如果你没有电话过来我们就把它租给别人。 11.Will the front be opened till late? 这大门到很晚了仍开着吗? 12.There're some working staffs even at midnight. 一直到半夜仍有服务人员。 13.I'd like to cancel the hotel. 我想取消旅馆的房间。 14.I can't go there due to a flight schedule. 由于飞机航班的原因,我无法去那里。 15.I reserved a room two weeks ago. 两个礼拜前我订了一间房间。 16.This is Mr. Wang. 这是王先生。 17.Will you please tell me how to cancel? 请你告诉我如何取消预订好吗? 18.Is it O.K.only by fixing on the telephone? 只在电话里约定就可以了吗? 19.Don't I need to go there? 我不需要去那里吗? 20.Must I pay for my cancel? 我需要为我的取消付款吗? 21.I can't go today but tomorrow is O.K. 今天我不能去,但是明天可以。 22.Have you rented the room to anyone else? 你们把房间租给别人了吗? 23.Please show me another hotel? 请为我介绍别家旅馆好吗? 24.I'd like to make reservations again. 我想要再订一次。 1.This room is too small. 这个房间太小了。 2.Is there a little larger one? 有没有再大一点的房间? 3.I feel the bed is small too. 我觉得这个床也太小了。 4.Double room,please. 请给我一间双人房。 5.Please change to a single room with a bath. 请换一间有浴室的单人房。 6.Is there a room with television? 有没有装有电视的房间? 7.Won't you calm down the noise of the toilet? 请你把抽水马桶的声音弄小一点儿好吗? 8.The noise of the next door won't make me sleep. 隔壁的吵闹声使我无法入睡。 9.Please change to a quiet room? 请换一间安静一点的房间好吗? 10.An air-conditioning is too cold. 冷气太冷了。 11.Please make the room warmer. 请把房间弄暖一点。 12.Hot water of the tub doesn't come. 浴缸的热水出不来。 13.Can I have another blanket? 我可以再要一件毛毯吗? 14.I can't sleep because neons are too bright. 灯太亮了我无法睡觉。 15.I asked for a room service but it hasn't come yet. 我要求了一项房间服务,但一直到现在还没有来。 16.More than thirty minutes have passed since I gave an order. 自从我提出要求后已过了三十多分钟了。 17.Please bring it soon. 请快一点拿来。 18.A stranger hangs around the hallway. 有一个陌生人在走廊徘徊。 19.Please do something proper for us. 请为我们做一些适宜的服务。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/542093.html