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随身应急英语会话 第19期:在城里的紧急情况(07)

1.Who are you? 你是谁? 2.Be quiet,hold up your hands! 安静点,举起手来。 3.Give me money. 给我钱。 4.It is in this bag. 钱在包里。 5.I have no money with me now. 我现在没有钱。 6.I left money in the front desk of the hotel. 我把钱放在旅馆的服务台里。 7.There is money in my inside pocket. 钱在我的衣服内袋里。 8.Here's all I have. 这是我所有的钱。 9.Please don't take out the passport. 请别拿走护照。 10.Don't kill me,please. 请别杀我。 11.Help me,a murderer! 救我!谋杀啊! 12.Some one,please come! 来人啊! 13.He is a pilfarer,please catch him! 他是个扒手,抓住他。 14.What do you take me for? 你拉着我做什么? 15.I'll report you to the police. 我要报警来抓你。 16.I had the purse stolen in the bus. 我在巴士上钱包被偷了。 17.What's the man like? 那个男人长得什么样子? 18.Does he have any identifying marks? 他有没有什么特征? 19.He was tall,and wore a black jumper. 他个子高高的,穿着一件黑色的上衣。 20.I was holdupped with a pistol and robbed of money. 我被枪指着举起手来,钱就被抢了。 21.I was knocked in the face. 我的脸被打了一拳。 22.What were you robbed of? 你被抢了什么东西? 23.All of my baggage were stolen. 我所有的行李都被偷了。 24.There was nobody around me. 我的四周都没有人。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/542092.html