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趣味建议React 第62期:如何帮助生活不健康的朋友

Whitney'ed wants to know... Whitney'ed想知道: "My friend is really unhealthy and it worries me. How do I go about helping her without hurting her feelings?" “我朋友非常不健康,这让我很担心。在不伤害她感情的情况下,我应该怎么帮助她? If she's eating something, smack it out of her hand and say, (energetically) "That's the wrong cookie! Aaaah!" 如果她在吃东西,把她手里的吃的打掉,跟她说(精力充沛地):“你不能吃这个饼干!啊!” Take her to the doctor so then she feels better. 带她去看医生,这样她会感觉好些。 Give them broccoli, because it's healthy and it'll make them feel better. 让她吃花椰菜,因为花椰菜很健康,这会让她感觉好些。 I just suggest healthier things for us to do. Like, instead of staying inside and playing a video game or something, I'd ask them if they wanted to go for a hike. 我建议做更健康的事情。不要呆在室内玩电子游戏,我建议去外面徒步旅行。 Subtle suggestions once in a while to your friend so you won't chase her away might help. 偶尔给你朋友提一些小建议,你不把她赶走可能会有帮助。 Get her alone. Talk to her about it. And then from there, figure out what you can do to help her. 让她一个人待着。和她谈一谈。然后弄清楚你怎么能帮助她。 Say, "Hi. So I just don't want you to eat unhealthy anymore. I've noticed that you've been doing that." And help her through that. Help her try to be more fit. 跟她说:“嗨。我希望你不要再吃不健康的食物了。我注意到你的饮食一直很不健康。”帮助她改正这个问题。帮她变得更健康。 Sometimes her health at this point might be more important than her feelings. It's like tough love. You might have to hurt them a little bit to do what's best for them overall. 现在她的健康比她的感情更重要。这是严厉的爱。为了做对他们来说最好的事情,你可能必须要对他们造成一些伤害。 Say, "I'm here to help you. What you're going through isn't really healthy. And I'm here to help." It might also help to get other friends and family involved. 对她说:“我来帮助你。你现在的生活很不健康。我来帮你”。让其他朋友和家人一起帮忙可能会有帮助。 Make sure you're offering to help and not just say, "You need help." Like, make sure you're saying, "If you need anything from me, or if you want me to go with you to anything, you need me to take you somewhere..." Be supportive. Be considerate of her feelings. And make sure that you don't seem abrasive or condescending towards her feelings. 确保你有提供帮助,而不是只是说“你需要帮助”。你要说:“你需要我做什么?或者你想让我和你一起做什么,你想让我带你去哪里……”要鼓励她。要考虑到她的感情。确保你没有伤害她的感情,没有自以为高人一等。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/542087.html