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It sounds like a bad monster movie plot: A 10-legged mutant creature that reproduces asexually, escapes from confinement in Germany, and quietly begins a global invasion. 这听来像是一段邪恶的怪兽电影桥段:通过无性繁殖的10只腿变异物种从德国限域逃离并很快开始全球入侵。 Within 2 decades, clones of the voracious animal spread through Europe and Africa, bringing devastation to ecosystems and threatening native species. 二十天内,这种贪婪动物的无性繁殖体就遍布了欧洲和非洲,给生态系统带来巨大破坏并威胁到了原生物种。 That appears to be the strange-but-true story of the marbled crayfish, an invasive freshwater species suspected to have been created through a reproductive accident in an aquarium around 1995. 这似乎就是关于龙纹敖虾奇怪而真实的故事,大家怀疑这种入侵性淡水生物是通过1995年水族馆中的一次繁殖事故而被创造了出来。 A new analysis of the crustacean's genome supports this unlikely origin and may help explain how the animal has subsequently spread and adapted to so many new environments. 对甲壳纲类基因组的一次新的分析支持了这一不可能的起源,这或许能够帮助解释后来这种生物是如何散布以及如何适应这么多的新环境的。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/542045.html