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权力的游戏:第591期:第二十七章 凯特琳(13)

The man is craven, Lord Hunter declared. Stand and fight, coward! Other voices echoed the sentiment. 这家伙是个懦夫,杭特伯爵道,胆小鬼,有种就光明正大地打!其他人也同声附和。 Catelyn looked to Ser Rodrik. Her master-at-arms gave a curt shake of his head. He wants to make Ser Vardis chase him. 凯特琳望向罗德利克爵士。她的教头简短地摇头道:他故意让瓦狄斯爵士追他。 The weight of armor and shield will tire even the strongest man. 全副武装加上盾牌,再强壮的人也会很快疲累。 She had seen men practice at their swordplay near every day of her life, had viewed half a hundred tourneys in her time, but this was something different and deadlier: 其实,她几乎是看着他人练剑长大,观赏过的比武竞技不只半百,然而眼前这场决斗却与之殊异,更为致命: a dance where the smallest misstep meant death. And as she watched, the memory of another duel in another time came back to Catelyn Stark, as vivid as if it had been yesterday. 一招棋错,便在劫难逃。看着这番场景,凯特琳·史塔克却忆起了在不同时间,不同地点,曾经发生过的另一场决斗,在脑海中历历如绘,恍如昨日。 They met in the lower bailey of Riverrun. 那是在奔流城的下层庭院。 When Brandon saw that Petyr wore only helm and breastplate and mail, he took off most of his armor. 布兰登眼见培提尔只穿戴头盔、护胸和锁甲,便也脱去自己的大半护具。 Petyr had begged her for a favor he might wear, but she had turned him away. 当时培提尔恳求她以信物相赠,却被她拒绝。 Her lord father promised her to Brandon Stark, and so it was to him that she gave her token, a pale blue handscarf she had embroidered with the leaping trout of Riverrun. 既然她被父亲大人许配给布兰登·史塔克,她的信物自然归他所有。那是由她亲手缝制的淡蓝手帕,上面绣着奔流城的飞跃鳟鱼。 As she pressed it into his hand, she pleaded with him. 当她把手帕塞进他手中时,她向他恳求: He is only a foolish boy, but I have loved him like a brother. 他只是个傻孩子,但我把他当弟弟一样疼爱。 It would grieve me to see him die. 他若是死了,我会很难过。 And her betrothed looked at her with the cool grey eyes of a Stark and promised to spare the boy who loved her. 她的未婚夫听了,便用那双史塔克家的冷静灰眸看着她,并答应饶那疯狂爱着她的小子一命。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/541951.html