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商务礼节美语 第240期:Vacation 休假(下)

Jerry跟同事Paula和Will聊天,说到telecommuting远程上班。 Paula说: Paula: Twenty years ago, many people thought that by this time, no one would be working in offices and everybody would have a more flexible schedule. W: Well, that certainly hasn't happened. J: Not yet....but it could still be the wave of the future. Then again, you know the famous saying: "Old habits die hard." Most bosses like to keep tabs on their employees and they think the best way to do that is by having them come into an office. Paula说,20年前,很多人都以为社会发展到今天,大家都不用去办公室,可以在家上班了,and everyone would have a more flexible schedule. 大家都有更灵活的工作时间,但这种情况显然没有出现。Jerry 说,It could still be the wave of the future. the wave of the future 意思是未来的发展趋势。不过,老话说得好,"Old habits die hard." 积习难改。Jerry说,Most bosses like to keep tabs on their employees 大多数老板都想严格控制员工,to keep tabs on someone or something 是密切注意某人某事的意思。要想控制员工,最好的办法当然就是让他们来办公室上班,在老板眼皮底下工作。 J: I have to say I'm looking forward to my long vacation. I think you need at least three or four weeks of doing nothing before you can truly relax. W: I thought you said you had months and months of vacation time available. Why are you only taking five weeks off? J: Five weeks was the best I could negotiate with my boss. She says she knows I've earned the time, but she begged me not to take more than five weeks. P: Five weeks should be long enough! Who knows? Maybe you'll get bored and come back early! J: (laugh) I doubt it. Jerry虽然有好几月的假期,但老板最多只让他休五个星期, 看来他一定是很能干。Paula开玩笑说,五个星期也足够了,搞不好用不了五个星期Jerry就觉得实在无聊,提前回来上班了呢!Jerry休假准备到哪里去呢? W: So, where are you going? J: I can't decide if I want to go with a more relaxing trip, or if I want to explore cities. W: If you were to choose the more relaxing option, where would you go? J: I'm thinking of the island of Bali in Indonesia. I hear it's a very relaxing and cheap vacation destination. P: And what's your second option? J: I was thinking of traveling around Europe, starting with Paris. I could take trains and visit other nearby major European cities as well. It's a tough call. W: I'm so jealous of you! P: Me too! Don't forget to bring us back some souvenirs! J: I won't! Jerry说,他有两种选择,一个是印度尼西亚的巴厘岛,去那里更放松 more relaxing, 另外一种选择是去欧洲,第一站是巴黎,然后可以从巴黎坐火车到其他欧洲城市去玩。Jerry 说,It's a tough call. 意思是他很难在这两种选择之间做出决定。Will 和 Paula 都很羡慕 Jerry, 提醒他一定要带 souvenirs 纪念品回来送给他们。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/541938.html