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骑士与少女 第267期:《风中之烛》书评(08)

They tell us on the top of 522 but no one has told him about it 材料在522页顶端就告诉我们了 但是没有人 in open court face to face 公开面对面的告诉兰斯洛特 Think what would happen 想象一下如果我们私自告诉了兰斯洛特公爵 if we were to announce Sir Lancelot personally, 那么将会发生什么 under these new fashioned laws, under these new fashioned laws 在这些新制定的法律下 在这些新法律下 so that the king was forced to investigate 亚瑟王不得不被迫调查 And so their goal is to split Arthur and Lancelot, 所以他们的目标就是离间亚瑟王和兰斯洛特 and through that, to have them both suffer 这样做 他们两个都将受创 They're gonna do, and this kinda surprises Arthur, 他们将会这样做 当亚瑟明白这一点时 when he gets to this point, 他感到很吃惊 that instead of using force in any way, they're gonna use their brains 他们要利用智慧而不是以任何方式使用武力 So just like Arthur's trying to do away with force, 所以就像亚瑟不试图使用武力一样 and they have right through right and a law, 他们有权力通过权利与法律 they're gonna do, they're gonna use Arthur's system against him 他们将会这样做 他们将会利用亚瑟的体制来对抗他 They're gonna use it to get at him to basically bypass the force, 他们将利用这种方法对付亚瑟 而基本上不使用 the might of Lancelot 兰斯洛特的武力与势力 Sounds like the dentists' done, if you can pick that up 如果你能理解的话 这听起来像是牙医的所作所为 You're all too young to remember the bad days of dentists, 你们还太年轻 还没有过看牙医的糟糕经历 when they had like you know, three eight-inch drills 当他们将三个八英寸的钻头 they stuck in your mouth 伸进你的嘴里 But you might have seen that ad on TV if you are your age and stuff, 如果你跟你的父母一样大 你可能会在电视上看过这样的广告 you'd probably get a kick out of it, 你可能会被赶出 where the guy's siting out, 这个人所在的房间 and I think it's Black and Decker ad or something 我想那应该是百得公司的广告或是其它什么 The guy is sitting down in the waiting room and you hear this, 这个人坐在候诊室 然后你听见 "Brrrrrr" and stuff And he's like shaking and stuff "啵乐乐乐"诸如此类的声音 他像是在震动 And finally, this repair man comes walking out 最后这个"修补工" 走了出来 holding a Black and Decker drill or something 手里拿着百得公司的钻头或是什么的 Pretty scary and amusing if you're my age 如果你们到我这个年纪 那会是很害怕也很有趣的事 I'm like, "No Please " 我就会说 "不用了" 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/541915.html