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骑士与少女 第266期:《风中之烛》书评(07)

And I think it's said at the end, of the Queen of Air in Darkness 我认为在 "空暗女王"的最后 I think on that very last page when they give us the family tree, 在最后一页上他们给出了族谱 I think that's a term widely used 我认为这是一个广泛使用的词语 For this is a story of sin coming home to roost 这是一个关于罪恶得到报应的故事 or something to that effect after the family tree 或者说是家族受罪恶影响的故事 And therefore the family tree was so important 因此族谱是如此的重要 I'm not sure, maybe you can find the wording? 我不太确定 也许你能找到合适的措辞 Anyway, other questions, comments? 不管怎样 还有其它问题或是评论吗 This is common knowledge obviously 显然大家都知道 We've known it for a long time that Lancelot and Guinevere 我们也早已知道兰斯洛特和桂尼维尔 are doing the big nasty and everybody at court knows this 正在做一件很令人不快的事 在廷上的每个人都知道 If we had read Lancelot, 如果我们读兰斯洛特 if we read "Le Chevalier Mal Fet," 如果我们读到"Le Chevalier Mal Fet" "The Ill-Made Knight," 也就是"残缺骑士"时 we would have seen all these times they've been accused 我们可以看到他们一直受到指责 and I know in my comments last time that I didn't make 我知道我在我上次的评论中我没有 I didn't go into every little thing 我并不是每一件小事都细说了 Like when he was challenged here 例如他是什么时候受到挑战的 and then he defeated Count Malagranso or whatever the case may be 之后他打败Malagranso伯爵 还是无论什么情况 But said just there had been three challenges 但是就在那里 他遇到三个挑战 to the fact that Guinevere was not being a good girl 说桂妮维尔不是一个好女孩 and at every point Lancelot had come and rescued her from this challenge 兰斯洛特每次都及时帮她解围 by being her champion 做她的英雄 But at each one of these, 但是每次营救 we read right at the end of "The Ill-Made Knight" 我们读到"残缺骑士"的结尾时 that each one of these had brought them closer to disaster 每一次这样的营救都会将他们向灾难推近一步 Because again, based on tradition, 因为再一次 按照传统 you get three chances and after three chances you're in trouble 你得到三次机会 三次机会后你就会陷入麻烦 You find a ruse, you look back, or don't matter 你找到计策 反思从前 或者不去在意 What they wanna do though is to confront Arthur with this material 他们想要做的就是利用这些事情对抗亚瑟王 and use the new laws against him 并且用新法律反对他 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/541914.html