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美国语文第五册 第257期:种子的传播与种植(06)

I can confirm what William Barton wrote to Wilson, the ornithologist, that quote 依我来看,威廉·巴特拉姆写给鸟类学家威尔森信中这段话颇有道理: "The jay is one of the most useful agents in the economy of nature 在大自然经济活动中,松鸦是极有用的掮客。 for disseminating forest trees and other nuciferous and hard-seeded vegetables on which they feed. 它以坚果为食,同时将结有坚果或硬籽的森林种子到处传播。 In performing this necessary duty they drop abundance of seed in their flight over fields, hedges, and by fences, 为履行这一必要职责,松鸦在飞越田野,或驻脚树篱栅栏, where they alight to deposit them in the post holes, etc. 或欲将粮食坚藏入洞而往返奔波时,遗落大量种子。 It is remarkable what numbers of young trees rise up in fields and pastures after a wet winter and spring. 历经连绵淫雨的冬春两季,田野或平原到处窜出无数树苗。 These birds alone are capable in a few years' time to replant all the cleared lands. Close quote. 单单这种能干的松鸦,无需几年,就能将所有垦荒地再度植被造林。 I have noticed that squirrels also frequently drop nuts in open land, 松鼠时常在空旷地丢弃坚果,这点,我一直注意观察, which will still further account for the oaks and walnuts which spring up in pastures; 这种现象可进一步解释,橡树和核桃树为何在牧场上萌生而出, for, depend on it, every new tree comes from a seed. 因此,每一棵新生树木的萌发皆来自种子。 When I examine the little oaks, one or two years old, in such places, I invariably find the empty acorn from which they sprung. 当我察看一两年生的小橡树时,总会在树木发芽的地方看到种子空壳,无一例外。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/541913.html