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The english we speak(BBC教学)第290期:Drama queen 小题大做的人

Feifei is in the studio and Callum is nowhere to be seen. The clock is ticking. Where is he? There he is, with a shopping bag. Oh dear, he's been shopping without a care in the world. Feifei is very angry but... will her anger last? Listen to the programme to find out. 菲菲在演播室等着录节目,可是卡勒姆却不知道去哪里了。时间一分一秒地过去,他去哪里了?这时他拿着一个购物袋进来了。哦,天哪,他一直在无忧无虑地购物。菲菲非常生气,但是他的愤怒会持续下去吗?请收听本期节目找出答案。 Callum: Oh, hello, Feifei. Already here to present The English We Speak. 卡勒姆:哦,你好,菲菲。你已经在这里主持地道英语节目了。 Feifei: What do you mean by 'already here', Callum?! And what are all these bags you have with you? 菲菲:你说“已经在这里”是什么意思,卡勒姆?你拿的这些袋子是什么? Callum: Shopping. 卡勒姆:购物。 Feifei: Shopping?! I'm here in the studio, waiting for you and you went shopping?! This is absurd. 菲菲:购物?我在演播室里等你,你却去购物了?这太荒唐了。 Callum: Oh, come on, Feifei, we still have a couple of minutes to go. Don't be such a drama queen! 卡勒姆:哦,消消气,菲菲,我们还有几分钟的时间。不要这么小题大做! Feifei: Drama queen?! 菲菲:Drama queen? Callum: Yes, drama queen! We say someone is a drama queen when he or she becomes very angry or upset over tiny small things like... 卡勒姆:对,小题大做的人!如果一个人对一些小事感到非常生气或沮丧,我们就称这种人是小题大做的人,就像…… Feifei:... like you being late... 菲菲:就像你迟到了…… Callum: Not late — shopping. Now, let's hear some examples of how the expression 'drama queen' is used. 卡勒姆:不是迟到,是购物。我们来听几个例句,看看这个表达方式如何应用。 Examples 例句 A: Oh, it's raining and my new hairdo is ruined! All those hours in the hairdresser for nothing! A:哦,下雨了,我新做的发型毁了!我在理发店花费的那么多时间都白费了! B: Don't be such a drama queen. Here, take my umbrella. B:不要这么小题大做。给你,用我的雨伞吧。 I'm not dining out with Peter anymore. If the dish is not cooked exactly the way he likes he makes a big fuss. He's such a drama queen! 我再也不和彼得出去吃晚饭了。如果食物不是完全按照他喜欢的方式烹饪,他就会大惊小怪。他真是太小题大做了! Callum: That's it, Feifei. And now, here, in my bag... 卡勒姆:就是这样,菲菲。你看,我的袋子里…… Feifei: What, now you're going to sort out your shopping? 菲菲:什么,你现在要开始整理你的购物成果了吗? Callum: This is for you, Feifei! 卡勒姆:这是送你的,菲菲! Feifei: Oh, a present for me?! Oh... you shouldn't have... 菲菲:哦,给我的礼物?哦,你可以不用这样的…… Callum: You didn't want people to know it's your birthday, but... well, happy birthday, Feifei! 卡勒姆:你不想让别人知道今天是你的生日,不过……祝你生日快乐,菲菲! Feifei: Ohhh! I don't know what to say... I guess I'll have to take back my words. Thank you, Callum. You know what? We can make the programme a bit later. Let's celebrate! 菲菲:哦!我不知道要说什么了……我想我要收回我的话。谢谢你,卡勒姆。你知道吗?我们可以晚一点儿再录节目。我们先来庆祝吧! Callum: OK. 卡勒姆:好的。 Feifei: Bye! 菲菲:再见! Callum: Bye! 卡勒姆:再见! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/541908.html