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Don't ye love sperm? There goes three thousand dollars, men!—a bank!—a whole bank! The bank of England!—Oh, do, do, do!—What's that Yarman about now?" 你们不爱鲸脑么?这准值三千块钱,伙伴们!——一个银行!——整整一个银行!英格兰银行!——啊,划呀,划呀,划呀!——那个强门人这会儿在干啥啦?" At this moment Derick was in the act of pitching his lamp-feeder at the advancing boats, and also his oil-can; perhaps with the double view of retarding his rivals' way, and at the same time economically accelerating his own by the momentary impetus of the backward toss. 这时,德立克正在对划上来的小艇做着要把加油壶和油罐子一起掷出去的姿势?这个做法,也许还有一箭双雕的意图,既想使他的劲敌划得慢些,同时,又可以利用他这种向后猛仰的冲击力,一举两得地加速他自己的小艇的向前冲击力。 The unmannerly Dutch dogger! CRIed Stubb. "Pull now, men, like fifty thousand line-of-battle-ship loads of red-haired devils. What d'ye say, Tashtego; are you the man to snap your spine in two-and-twenty pieces for the honor of old Gayhead? What d'ye say?" 这只撒野的德国划子!斯塔布嚷道,"划呀,伙伴们,拿出象装有十万红毛鬼的战船的架势来。你说说看,塔斯蒂哥;你愿意为保全该黑特的老名气而粉身碎骨么?你说呀?" I say, pull like god-dam,—CRIed the Indian. 我说,要划得象打天雷一样,这个印第安人嚷道。 Fiercely, but evenly incited by the taunts of the German, the Pequod's three boats now began ranging almost abreast; and, so disposed, momentarily neared him. In that fine, loose, chivalrous attitude of the headsman when drawing near to his prey, the three mates stood up proudly, occasionally backing the after oarsman with an exhilarating cry of, "There she slides, now! Hurrah for the white-ash breeze! Down with the Yarman! Sail over him!" 在这个德国人的猛烈而明白的嘲弄的挑动下,这时,"裴廓德号"三只小艇已差不多并排向前划去;这样一来,就一下子可靠近他了。在那个态度从容不迫、颇有骑士气概的指挥员将要迫拢那猎物的时候,大二三副便傲然地立了起来,时不时地以兴高采烈的叫声跟后边的桨手打气,"咳,那只小艇向前溜过去啦!大风万岁!打倒强门人!抢到他前头去!" 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/541900.html