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大群(Legion) 第01季 第04集 第04期

孩子跑进了壁橱里 And the boy ran into the closet. 我跟了进去 And I followed. 等等 Wait! 进入精神世界 Into the astral plane, 创造出来的空间 the invented space. 我找过你 I looked for you. 你不在我能找到的大卫的任何记忆中 You weren't in any memories of David I could find. 你是说是大卫创造了那里 Are you saying David created that space? 是他的异能之一 It's a part of his ability. 心灵投射 创造出一个模拟现实 Psychic projection to create a simulated reality. 好吧 Okay. 看看它想说什么 Let's see what she has to say. 谁 Who? 这房间 The room. 你在这儿 There you are. 物件也是有记忆的 Objects have memory too. 能不能... Is there any way-- 我们会不会还在大卫脑子里 Could we still be in David's mind? 处于模拟中吗 A simulation? 不 这是现实 No, this is real. 你怎么知道 How do you know? 我就是知道 Because I know. 我挺确定的 I mean, I'm pretty sure. 你怎么... How do you-- 手放在这里 Put your hand here. 小心 Watch it. 我不碰你 我又不是第一天认识你 I won't touch you. It's not my first day. 闭上眼睛 Just close your eyes. 仙女座 Andromeda. 仙后座 Cassiopeia. 牧夫座 Bootes. 大犬座 Canis major. 天狼座 Lupus. 望远镜座 Telescopium. 告诉我大卫 星星对你说了什么 Tell me, David, what did the stars say? 他... Did he... 看来 Looks like 大卫打劫的时候医生正巧回来了 the doctor came back while David was robbing the place. 听上去不像他会做的事 It doesn't sound like David. 我知道你喜欢他 但他不稳定 I know you like him, but he's not stable. 相信我 Trust me. 你试试10年 15年一直听到幻音 Well, you try hearing voices for 10, 15 years, 服用硬毒品 self-medicate with hard drugs, 然后又被关进疯人院 and then get dumped in a loony bin. 我就进过疯人院 I was in a loony bin. 对 但你 Yeah, but you're-- 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180312/Legion-01-04-4.html