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生活大麻烦(Disjointed) 第01季 第06集 第11期

改善他们的生活 improving their lives. 我希望你明白 And I want you to understand 这才是他为之奉献一生的东西 that's what he dedicated his life to. 他知道 他知道那比他更伟大 And he knew. He knew it was bigger than himself. 因为那比我们所有人都更伟大 Because it's bigger than all of us. 你一直得记住 You gotta always remember that... 那种奉献会影响你生活中的其他人 that dedication affects other things in your life, 跟你一样大的 the same size as you, 或者 or... 比你小的 smaller than you. 来吧 我们都来纪念杰克吧 So, come on, let's all honor Jack's memory. Right? 我们得向他学习 继续拼搏 Now, we gotta follow his example. We gotta keep fighting. 继续教育 We gotta keep educating. 继续工作 但最重要的是 我们得 We gotta keep working, but most of all, we gotta... 我们得继续爱彼此 We gotta keep loving one another. -是 -好吗 - Yes. - Okay? 继续爱彼此 再见 Yeah, keep loving each other. Peace out. 谢谢 Thank you. 我们爱你 We love you. 天啊 那是排名前五的葬礼 Boy, that was an all-time top-five funeral. 是啊 It was. 我取笑你们那一代 I make fun of your generation, 但你们的确创造了不同 but you guys really did make a difference. 谢谢 Thanks. 那就是我们的目的 That's what we were going for. 你知道我爱你吗 You know I love you? 是的 妈妈 我知道 Yeah, Mom. I know. 不 No. 我爱你胜过大麻 I love you more than pot. 我不知道 I didn't know that. -你说得对 -什么 - And you were right. - About what? 我去世时 要穿西装 When I die, wear a suit. 每日一药 我是玛丽亚·谢尔曼 如果你跟我一样是全职妈妈 I'm Maria Sherman. If you're a stay-at-home mom like me, 你也许准备好烧掉房子和你全家了 you're ready to burn that home down with your family in it. 放下汽油桶 用那根火柴来抽唐娜大麻 Well, put down that gas can and use that match for... Donna Weed. 唐娜大麻 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180312/Disjointed-01-06-11.html