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So you mentioned corruption in your talk, and you're known, well-known as a strong anticorruption fighter. 你在你的演讲中提到了腐败,而你作为一个反腐败人士是非常知名的。 But that's had consequences. People have fought back, and your mother was kidnapped. 但这对你是有很大影响的。那些人反击,你的母亲遭到绑架。 How have you been handling this? 你是如何应对这些的? It's been very difficult. Thank you for mentioning the issue of the kidnap of my mother. 那是一段非常艰难的时期。谢谢你提到了绑架我母亲的问题。 It's a very difficult subject. 这是一个很艰难的话题。 But what it means is that when you fight corruption, 但这也正说明当你与腐败斗争时, when you touch the pockets of people who are stealing money, they don't just keep quiet. 当你摸到了那些偷钱人的口袋时,他们不会只是保持沉默。 They fight back, and the issue for you is when they try to intimidate you, do you give up, or do you fight on? 他们会反抗,而你得思考,当他们试图恐吓你,你会放弃吗?还是你会继续战斗? Do you find a way to stay on and fight back? 你找到一个方法坚持不懈且反击吗? And the answer that I had with the teams I worked with is we have to fight on. 而我与我的工作团队的答案是我们必须继续抗争。 We have to create those institutions. 我们必须去建立那些机构。 We have to find ways to stop these people from taking away the heritage of the future. 我们得找到方法来阻止那些人夺走属于未来的遗产。 And so that's what we did. And even out of government, we continued to make that point. 这就是我们所做的。即使脱离政府,我们仍保持这个观点。 In our countries, nobody, nobody is going to fight corruption for us but us. 在我们的国家,没有人会为了我们与腐败斗争,除了我们自己。 And therefore, that comes with consequences, and we just have to do the best we can. 因此,伴随着一定的后果,我们只需要尽我们所能做到最好。 But I thank you and thank TED for giving us a voice 但我非常感谢你非常感谢TED给我们机会向那些人发声 to say to those people, you will not win, and we will not be intimidated. Thank you. 你们不会胜利的,我们也不怕恐吓!谢谢 Thank you so much for your great talk and important work. 非常感谢你精彩的演讲和做出的重要努力。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180312/541708.html