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We have genius in our young people. I see it every day. 我们的年轻人拥有天赋。我每天都看得到。 It's what makes me wake up in the morning and feel ready to go. 这就是每天早上叫醒我并且让我整装待发的东西。 We have to unleash the genius of our young people, 我们必须解开我们的年轻人身上天赋的枷锁, get out of their way, support them to create and innovate and lead the way. 为他们让路,支持他们去创造和革新,并且引领他们的方向。 And I know that they will lead us in the right direction. 而我深知他们将会带领我们走向正确的方向。 And our women, and our girls: we have to recognize that girls and women are a gift. 还有我们的妇女和女孩儿们:我们得意识到女孩儿和妇女是一个礼物。 They have strength, and we have to unleash that strength, so that they can contribute to the continent. 他们有优势,而我们则需要去充分发挥这种优势,这样他们才可以为非洲大陆做出贡献。 I strongly believe that when we do all of these things, 我坚信当我们做好了所有这些事, we find that the rising Africa narrative is not a fluke. It's a trend. 我们会发现那个崛起的非洲的故事不是一个偶然。而是一个趋势。 It's a trend, and if we continue, if we unleash our youth, if we unleash our women, 这是一个趋势,假如我们坚持,假如我们解放我们的青年,假如我们解放我们的妇女, we may step backwards sometimes, we may even step sideways, but the trend is clear. 我们也许偶尔会退步,我们也许甚至会走偏了一步,但这个趋势已非常明了。 Africa will continue to rise. 非洲将会继续崛起 And I tell you businesspeople in the audience, investment in Africa is not for today, is not for tomorrow, 我告诉你,观众中的商人们,对非洲的投资不是为了当下,也不是为了明天, it's not a short-term thing, it's a longer term thing. 这不是一个短期的,而是一个更长远的事情。 But if you are not invested in Africa, 但如果你不向非洲投资, then you will be missing one of the most important emerging opportunities in the world. 那么你将会错过世界上最重要的新兴机遇之一。 Thank you. 谢谢。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180312/541707.html