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骑士与少女 第265期:《风中之烛》书评(06)

Reese? 里斯? Yeah No, no, no 恩 不不不 This is all new information 这都是新信息 We're still learning stuff too 我们也仍在学习 And so when we get over to that, 所以当我们学完后 I was gonna make sure people didn't miss that 我会确保你们没有错过那些信息 because that is new information 因为那都是新信息 And so when Arthur reveals 所以当亚瑟揭露 Yeah well I think it's said, 对 我认为材料中说了 I think it explains in this material we're reading for today 在今天我们读的材料中解释了这个问题 that Arthur had been advised by his close advisers 亚瑟王曾接受他最亲近的顾问的建议 who knew about this little Ginema child, ala Moses, 这位顾问知道关于一个叫摩西的孩子的事 what you need to do is you know, 你需要做的事就是 you need to round up everybody who's born during a certain time 抓捕在那个时间出生的所有孩子 and get rid of them 然后除掉他们 And so they put him on a boat and drift him away, 所以他们将莫德雷德放在一条船上并让船漂走 and a bunch of them died 许多孩子都死了 But Mordred survived 但是莫德雷德活了下来 And I think Arthur says in here, "Because of an act of God " 我认为亚瑟在这里说 "这一定是上帝的旨意" In other words, obviously Arthur feels guilty about this 换句话说 很显然是因为亚瑟对此感到愧疚 But if you read that far, Lancelot says, 但是如果再往下读, 兰斯洛特说 "You know, nah you shouldn't feel guilty "你知道 你不用感到愧疚 You were young and stupid or young and ignorant 你当时年轻愚笨 或者说年轻又无知 Not really realizing the ramifications, 并没有意识到后果 you're listening to people who are advising you 你听从给你建议的人 and you try to make it right, 并试图做正确的事 and that's the best that you can do " 你已经尽力做到最好了 And so, it's a matter of sin, sin coming home to roost 所以 这是罪恶的问题, 一种将会遭到恶报的罪恶 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180312/541681.html