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骑士与少女 第264期:《风中之烛》书评(05)

And Agravaine is telling them you know, 艾格文告诉他们 just saying that your followers is a long queue 仅仅凭你们的跟随者很多 It's not gonna be enough cause to start a big war 这并不足以引起一场大战 Things are not that simple anymore 事情已不再那么简单了 So if you expect to get people behind you, 所以如果你期望人们追随你 you're gonna have to get a bigger cause 你必须有一个更大的原因 On page 520, 在第520页 Mordred talks about the way his family has been wronged collectively 莫德雷德全部讲出他的家族怎么被诬陷的 And Mordred is misshapen 莫德雷德形象丑陋 They verily refer to him here, in the part we're reading for today, 书中在我们今天读的这部分中提到了真实的他 as being a crooked shoulder, having a hunchback 说他肩膀弯曲并且驼背 And so whether this is the result of this inbreeding or whatever, 所以不管是近亲结婚的结果或者是其它什么 this again is White's little play 这又是怀特的小把戏 This is not traditional 这并不是传统的手法 Regardless, we've been saying almost, since the get-go, 不管怎样 从开始我们几乎都在说 that one of the things that drives dramatic literature forward is revenge 推动戏剧性文学向前发展的一个因素是复仇 Revenge is always a good motivation 复仇一直是一个好的动机 Well not a good motivation, a common motivation 恩 不是一个好的动机 而是一个普遍动机 And pretty much what happens at the end of most dramatic folk material 大多数戏剧性民间材料的结尾大多是 is everyone's dead 所有人都死了 And so we're gonna move towards that end 所以我们要进入结尾了 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180312/541680.html