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大群(Legion) 第01季 第04集 第02期

它太靠近大海 who got too close to the ocean 以及接下来发生的事 and what happened next. 开始吧 Let us begin. 我们去寻找真相 We went looking for truth. 但只找到了谎言 But found only lies. 医生消失了 The doctor had disappeared. 前女友藏在微笑之后 The old girlfriend hid behind a smile. 什么是真的 What was real? 那是我们的任务 That was the mission. 我们看到了一些事 We had seen things, 听到了一些东西 heard things. 但我们能相信自己的眼睛吗 But could we believe our eyes? 大卫能吗 Could David? 大卫 David? 星星们说了什么 What did the stars say? 我的孩子 My boy. 我漂亮的孩子 My beautiful boy. 大卫 醒醒 David, wake up. 醒醒 Wake up. 奇怪 Odd. 太奇怪了 Extremely. 他会醒的吧 He's gonna wake up, right? 大卫的昏迷没有医学道理 There's no medical reason David's unconscious, 如果那是昏迷的话 if that's what he is. 仙女座 Andromeda. 仙后座 Cassiopeia. 我明天要出院了 I'm getting out tomorrow. 基辛哲说我没事了 Kissinger says I'm clean. 我可以回家了 So I get to go home. 不 No! 大卫 醒醒 David, wake up. 我可以试试打一针肾上腺素 I could try a shot of adrenaline. 不行 Mm-mm, no. 太冒险了 Too risky. 同意 Agreed. 大卫 David. 大卫 你在哪 David, where are you? 你得好起来 You've got to get better 那样你也能回家 so you can come home too. 大卫 David. 醒醒 Wake up. 他不在他的记忆或潜意识里 He's not inside his memories, his subconscious. 我看过了 I looked. 不管他的头脑在哪 我找不到 Wherever his mind is, I can't find it. -但他... -他没有脑死亡 - But he's not-- - He's not brain-dead, no. 他的大脑很活跃 His mind is active. 但它在做什么呢 What's it doing, though? 他可以创造一个心理投射空间 You know he can create a kind of mental projection space, 介于现实和梦境之间的东西 something between reality and dream. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180311/Legion-01-04-2.html