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Now, where do we go from there? 现在,我们该走向何方? I believe that the way forward is to learn to manage success. 我相信前进的道路就是学会管理成功。 Very often, when people succeed or countries succeed, they forget what made them succeed. 当一个人成功了,或一个国家成功以后,他们往往会忘记是什么导致他们成功的。 Learning what you're successful at, managing it and keeping it is vital for us. 了解到自己成功的原因是什么,管理它并保持住,这对我们来说是至关重要的。 So all those things I said we did right, we have to learn to do it right again, keep doing it right. 所以那些我说过我们做得对的事情,我们需要学会再做对一次,坚持正确地去作为。 Managing the economy while creating stability is vital, getting prices right, and policy consistency. 把经济管理好,同时建立稳定性,这些都是非常重要的,调控合适的价格和保证政策一致性。 Very often, we are not consistent. 我们总是前后不一致。 One regime goes out, another comes in and they throw away even the functioning policies that were there before. 一个政权走了,另一个政权来了,然后他们就把就算很早之前就在那儿的运行政策都扔掉了。 What does this do? 这样会导致什么? It creates uncertainty for people, for households, uncertainties for business. 这样会给人民、家庭、商业,都造成不确定性。 They don't know whether and how to invest. 他们不知道什么时候、怎么样去投资。 Debt: we must manage the success we had in reducing our debt, 债务上,我们一定要管理好,我们在减轻债务上的成功, but now countries are back to borrowing again, 但是现在很多国家又开始借钱了, and we see our debt-to-GDP ratio beginning to creep up, 我们看到我们的债务/GDP比率又开始逐渐上涨, and in certain countries, debt is becoming a problem, so we have to avoid that. So managing success. 在某些国家,债务正演变成一个问题,因此我们必须避免这件事发生。所以要管理成功。 The next thing is focusing with a laser beam on those things we did not do well. 下一个事情是,专注到那些我们做得不对的事情上。 First and foremost is infrastructure. 首先是基础设施。 Yes, most countries now recognize they have to invest in this, 是的,大多数国家现在意识到了他们应该投资基础设施, and they are trying to do the best they can to do that. We must. 他们也在试图尽最大可能去做到最好。我们一定要做到最好。 The most important thing is power. You cannot develop in the dark. 最重要的是电力。你不能在黑暗中前行。 And then governance and corruption: we have to fight. We have to make our countries transparent. 接着,管理体制和腐败。我们要与之搏斗。我们要让我们的国家公开透明。 And above all, we have to engage our young people. 尤其是,我们需要聘用我们的年轻人。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180311/541470.html