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So even though we've been growing, the structure of the economies has not changed very much. 即使我们一直在发展,经济的机构并没有什么改变。 We are still exporting commodities, and exporting commodities is what? It's exporting jobs. 我们仍然出口商品,而出口商业等于什么?等于出口就业岗位。 Our manufacturing value-added is only 11 percent. 我们的制造业只增值了11%。 We are not creating enough decent manufacturing jobs for our youth, and trade among ourselves is low. 我们没有创造够多的不错的制造业岗位给我们的年轻人,而且我们自己间的贸易也很少。 Only about 12 percent of our trade is among ourselves. 只有12%的贸易是在我们各国之间的。 So that's another serious problem. Then governance. 这就是另一个严峻的难题。接着来谈谈管理体制。 Governance is a serious issue. 管理体制是一个严重的问题。 We have weak institutions, and sometimes nonexistent institutions, and I think this gives way for corruption. 我们有一些弱势的机构,有时候甚至缺乏了一些机构,在我看来这就给了腐败可趁之机。 Corruption is an issue that we have not yet gotten a good enough handle on, and we have to fight tooth and nail, 腐败是一个我们至今没有很好去处理的问题,而我们必须尽一切所能去解决它, that and increased transparency in the way we manage our economies and the way we manage our finances. 透过增加我们管理经济的方式的透明度和管理我们的金融。 We also need to be wary of new conflicts, new types of conflicts, 我们同样需要警惕那些新的矛盾,新型的冲突, such as we have with Boko Haram in my country, Nigeria, and with Al-Shabaab in Kenya. 比如在我的国家尼日利亚,我们和博科圣地的冲突,以及在肯尼亚和索马里青年党的冲突。 We need to partner with international partners, developed countries, to fight this together. 我们有必要与国际合作伙伴、发达国家,共同打击这些势力。 Otherwise, we create a new reality which is not the type we want for a rising Africa. 否则,我们只会建立一个全新的,却并不是我们所想要的进步的非洲。 And finally, the issue of education. 那么最后,是教育的问题。 Our education systems in many countries are broken. 我们许多国家的教育系统已经崩坏了。 We are not creating the types of skills needed for the future. 我们未能创造未来所有需要的技能类型。 So we have to find a way to educate better. 所以我们必须找到一个更好的教育方式。 So those are the things that we are not doing right. 而这些,就是我们做得不对的地方。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180311/541469.html