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随身应急英语会话 第13期:在城里的紧急情况(01)

1.Excuse me,but where am I? 请问这儿是什么地方? 2.Will you tell me the way to City Hall? 请你告诉我去市政厅该怎么走好吗? 3.Does this street go to City Hall? 这条街是往市政厅的吗? 4.Please tell me the best way to the museum. 请告诉我往博物馆的捷径。 5.What street is this? 这条是什么街? 6.Where is this place on this map? 这个地方在这张地图上的什么方位? 7.Will you please map the place? 请你在地图上指出这个地方好吗? 8.How many minutes walk from here? 从这里走要多少分钟? 9.It's thirty minutes walk from here. 从这里走要费三十分钟。 10.You had better go by taxi. 你最好搭出租车去。 11.Is there a guide there? 那里有指示标志吗? 12.Turn to the right and go straight. 向右转,然后往前走。 13.Can I find it easily? 我会很容易就找到吗? 14.Please ask someone when you'll be near there. 当你快到那里时请再问别人。 15.Isn't this the James's residence? 这不是詹姆士的家吗? 16.Mr.James's house is next. 詹姆士的家在隔壁。 17.Which corner can I turn to go there? 我该在哪转弯就可以到那里? 18.Turn to the left at the second blocks. 在第二个街区向左转。 19.Is this only one railroad crossing around here? 这是这附近唯一的一条路吗? 20.Is there a movie theater around here? 这附近有戏院吗? 21.It should be around here,according to a map. 根据地图,它应该就在附近。 22.The movie theater is behind this. 戏院就在这地方的后面。 23.Maybe you have difficulty in finding it. 也许你去找时会有困难。 24.Would you take me there? 请你带我去那里好吗? 1.What is this building called? 这是什么大楼? 2.Is there A.I.U. Office in this building? A.I.U.事务所是在这栋楼里吗? 3.What floor is it on? 它在第几层? 4.Where is the elevator? 电梯在哪里? 5.Turn that corner to the right and you'll find it on your left. 到那个拐角向右转,你会发现它就在左边。 6.Does this elevator go up? 这个电梯是往上去吗? 7.Have we passed the sixth floor? 我们经过六楼了吗? 8.It's the eighth floor now. 现在是八楼。 9.Where is a stairway? 楼梯在哪里? 10.Is there only one stairway? 只有一个楼梯吗? 11.Had I better come back by the elevator? 我最好搭电梯回来吗? 12.Is this the Youth Travel Agency? 这是青年旅行社吗? 13.Do you know where it is? 你知道它在哪里吗? 14.I don't know the room number. 我不知道房间号码。 15.Could you telephone this number? 你能拨这个号码吗? 16.Where is a public telephone? 哪里有公用电话? 17.Now I'm calling from the first floor to ask what floor you office's on. 现在我正在一楼打电话问你的办公室在哪一层楼。 18.What is your room number? 你的房间号码多少? 19.Which side of the elevator is it? 这是电梯的哪一边? 20.Could you come to the elevator? 你能到电梯来吗? 21.I'll wait downstairs,so please come. 我将在楼下等,所以请过来。 22.I'll come soon. 我很快就会来。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180310/541370.html