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The first was that even though we grew, we didn't create enough jobs. 一,虽然我们进步,我们却没有创造足够的就业岗位。 We didn't create jobs for our youth. 我们没有为我们的年轻人创造就业岗位。 Youth unemployment on the continent is about 15 percent, and underemployment is a serious problem. 在非洲,失业青年大概占15%,而就业不足是一个非常严重的问题。 The second thing that we did is that the quality of growth was not good enough. 二,发展质量不高。 Even those jobs we created were low-productivity jobs, 就连那些我们已经创造了的就业岗位,也只是低生产率岗位, so we moved people from low-productivity agriculture 因此我们只是把人们从低生产率的农业 to low-productivity commerce and working in the informal sector in the urban areas. 转移到了低生产率的商业,而且还是在城市的非正式部门工作。 The third thing is that inequality increased. So we created more billionaires. 三,贫富悬殊差距扩大。我们造就了更多亿万富翁。 50 billionaires worth 96 billion dollars own more wealth than the bottom 75 million people on the continent. 50个亿万富翁,身价960亿美元,拥有比这个大陆上7500万底层人民更多的财富。 Poverty, the proportion of people in poverty -- that's the fourth thing -- did decrease, 贫困,贫困人口比例——这是我要说的第四件事——确实下降了, but the absolute numbers did not because of population growth. 但是因为人口增长,实际人数并没有降低。 And population growth is something that we don't have enough of a dialogue about on the continent. 人口增长是一个在非洲大陆上还没有好好讨论过的话题。 And I think we will need to get a handle on it, particularly how we educate girls. 而我认为我们有需要去解决这个问题,尤其是我们如何教育女孩子们。 That is the road to really working on this particular issue. 那才是真正解决这个特殊问题的方法。 The fifth thing is that we didn't invest enough in infrastructure. 五,基础设施投入不足。 We had investment from the Chinese. That helped some countries, but it's not enough. 我们从中国那里获得了资助。这帮助了部分国家,可却远远不够。 The consumption of electricity in Africa on the continent in Sub-Saharan Africa is equivalent to Spain. 在非洲的撒哈拉以南地区,耗电量相当于西班牙。 The total consumption is equivalent to that of Spain. 整体的耗电量相当于西班牙。 So many people are living in the dark, 这意味着很多人生活在黑暗中, and as the President of the African Development Bank said recently, Africa cannot develop in the dark. 就如非洲发展银行行长最近说的,“非洲不能在黑暗中前行”。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180310/541219.html