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And this mobile money is also providing a platform for access to alternative energy. 这项移动支付技术也为获取替代能源提供了一个平台。 You know, people who can now pay for solar the same way they pay for cards for their telephone. 人们现在可以像支付电话费一样支付太阳能费用。 So this was a very good development, something that went right. 所以这是个非常好的发展,方向是正确的。 We also invested more in education and health, not enough, but there were some improvements. 同样地,我们投资了更多在教育和医疗卫生上,虽然还不够,但也有了一些改进。 250 million children were immunized in the last one and a half decades. 在过去的十五年里有2500万个儿童得以打了疫苗。 The other thing was that conflicts decreased. 另一件事是冲突减少了。 There were many conflicts on the continent. Many of you are aware of that. 在这片土地上有很多很多的矛盾。有许多是你们已经知道的。 But they came down, and our leaders even managed to dampen some coups. 但是这些矛盾已经缓和了,我们的领导人们甚至设法在抑制一些政变。 New types of conflicts have emerged, and I'll refer to those later. 新型的矛盾产生了,这个我会在之后讲。 So based on all this, there's also some differentiation on the continent that I want you to know about, 基于上述所有,我也希望你们了解到在这片非洲大陆上还存在着一些不同, because even as the doom and gloom is here, there are some countries 因为即使这里充满了悲伤和灾难,仍然有一些国家, Coate d'Ivoire, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Senegal are performing relatively well at the moment. 例如科特迪瓦、肯尼亚、埃塞俄比亚、坦桑尼亚和塞内加尔,发展得相对的不错。 But what did we do wrong? Let me mention eight things. 那我们又做错了什么呢?我来提提八件事。 You have to have more things wrong than right. So there are eight things we did wrong. 你总是必须错的比对的多。这里有八件事是我们做错了的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180310/541218.html