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美国语文第五册 第249期:暴躁易怒的妻子(03)

No, you never think of me now. I can easily believe that you were not thinking of me in the least. 压根没想到,你现在怎能想到我,显而易见,你根本不会想到我。 But I said that only to prove to you that I could not be thinking ill of you, my dear. 可是,我刚才说的只不过向你表明,我不可能把你想歪了,亲爱的。 But I would rather that you thought ill of me than that you should not think of me at all. 可是,我宁愿你把我想歪,也比你一点不想我要强。 Well, my dear, I will even think ill of you if that will please you. 好了,亲爱的,如果能让你高兴,那我就把你想歪喽。 Do you laugh at me? When it comes to this I am wretched indeed. 你嘲笑我?要真是这样,我可就太悲催了。 Never man laughed at the woman he loved. 一个男人从不讥笑他所喜爱的女人, As long as you had the slightest remains of love for me you could not make me an object of derision; 哪怕你对我还有一丁点爱,你也不会让我成为你嘲弄的对象, ridicule and love are incompatible, absolutely incompatible. 愚弄与爱不可调和,绝对不可以。 Well, I have done my best, my very best, to make you happy, but in vain. 好了,我一直尽最大努力,使出浑身解数想使你开心快乐,结果到头,整个一场空欢喜。 I see I am not cut out to be a good wife. Happy, happy Mrs. Granby! 我知道,我天生就不是个好妻子。格兰比夫人,开心快乐!见你个大头鬼吧! Happy, I hope sincerely, that she will be with my friend; but my happiness must depend on you, my love; 开心快乐点,这是我的真心话,她只是和我的朋友一起生活,但我的幸福当然取决于你,我的宝贝, so, for my sake, if not for your own, be composed, and do not torment yourself with such fancies. 为我想想,哪怕不是为你自己,心静点,别让这些念头折磨你自己。 I do wonder whether this Mrs. Granby is really that Miss Emma Cooke. I’ll go and see her directly; see her I must. 我就是想弄清楚,这个格兰比夫人究竟是不是爱玛·库克小姐?我现在就去,我必须亲自查看明白。 I am heartily glad of it, my dear; for I am sure a visit to his wife will give my friend Granby real pleasure. 亲爱的,听你这么说,我真高兴。我相信,你去拜访格兰比夫人,我的朋友格兰比简直会开心坏了。 I promise you, my dear, I do not go to give him pleasure, or you either, but to satisfy my own curiosity. 亲爱的,我可告诉你,我去他家,可不是让你的朋友开心,亦不在乎你是否高兴,我就是要亲眼看看那个格兰比夫人究竟长得什么样。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180309/540974.html