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The narrative of a rising Africa is being challenged. 这是一个正在崛起的非洲面临挑战的故事。 About 10 years ago, I spoke about an Africa, 大约在十年前,我做了一个关于非洲的演讲, an Africa of hope and opportunity, an Africa of entrepreneurs, 讲了一个充满希望和机会的非洲,遍布企业家的非洲, an Africa very different from the Africa that you normally hear about of death, poverty and disease. 一个与你通常所听闻的充斥着死亡、贫穷、疾病所大相径庭的非洲。 And that what I spoke about, became part of what is known now as the narrative of the rising Africa. 而我当初演讲的内容,成为了如今这个众所周知的故事——正在崛起的非洲的一部分。 I want to tell you two stories about this rising Africa. 我想要告诉你两个关于这个振兴中的非洲的故事。 The first has to do with Rwanda, a country that has gone through many trials and tribulations. 第一个故事与卢旺达有关,一个经历了很多磨难的国度。 And Rwanda has decided to become the technology hub, or a technology hub on the continent. 而现在,它决定要成为一个技术中心,或者说是非洲的技术中心。 It's a country with mountainous and hilly terrain, a little bit like here, 这个国家遍布山川和丘陵,和这里有点像, so it's very difficult to deliver services to people. 所以在这里,给人们提供服务是非常艰难的。 So what has Rwanda said? 那么卢旺达说了什么? In order to save lives, it's going to try using drones 为了拯救生命,卢旺达将用无人机 to deliver lifesaving drugs, vaccines and blood to people in hard-to-reach places 给那些生活在交通不便地区的人们输送抢救用药、疫苗和血液。 in partnership with a company called Zipline, with UPS, and also with the Gavi, a global vaccine alliance. 与企业Zipline、美国UPS(全球最大的包裹递送公司)以及Gavi(全球疫苗免疫联盟)合作, In doing this, it will save lives. 这个举措将会拯救生命。 This is part of the type of innovation we want to see in the rising Africa. 这就是我们想要看到的,崛起中的非洲关于创新的其中一类。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180308/540750.html