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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10]Unit 1 [00:03.08]1. He's your brother,isn't he? [00:07.63]A Let's read [00:11.99]One evening last week, [00:15.96]Anne went to a shop to buy something for her mother. [00:21.11]Ken went with her. [00:24.66]While she was in the shop, [00:28.32]Ken was waiting outside on the pavement. [00:33.07]He had his ball with him. [00:37.02] He dropped his ball and it rolled onto the road. [00:42.45]He ran across the road to get it. [00:46.68]Suddenly, a car came along very quickly. [00:52.24]Mr Yu was driving the car. [00:56.29] He was their neighbour. [00:59.85]His car almost knocked Ken over. [01:04.91] Mr Yu was very angry. [01:09.04] He got out of his car and Anne came out of the shop. [01:14.89]"Can't you control that boy?" [01:18.86]"It wasn't my fault,"Anne said. [01:23.72] "He's your brother,isn't he?" Mr Yu shouted. [01:29.68] "Well, yes,"Anne began, [01:34.54]"but ..."Mr Yu did not let her speak. [01:39.87]"You're in charge of him, aren't you?" he said. [01:45.12]"Yes, but I was in the shop, wasn't I?" [01:50.29]"Why didn't you take him into the shop withyou?" Mr Yu said. " [01:56.45] You know how naughty he is." [02:01.00]He bent down and spoke close to Ken's face. [02:06.35]"You're a naughty boy,aren't you?" [02:10.72]Ken nodded his head. [02:14.16]"Yes, I am," he said." [02:18.42]I'm sorry." [02:21.06]He looked at the ground and began to cry. [02:25.61]"Yes, you look sorry now but you'll soon forget and do it again." [02:32.58]Mr Yu walked back to his car,shaking his head. [02:37.83]Words and expressions [02:41.91]pavement [02:43.44]人行道 [02:44.96]roll [02:46.33]滚动,打滚 [02:47.71]almost [02:49.13]几乎,差不多 [02:50.55]control [02:52.08]控制,支配 管理 [02:53.61]fault [02:54.99]错误,过错 [02:56.38]charge [02:57.80]主管,掌管;看管 [02:59.23]in charge of [03:00.96]负责某事 [03:02.70]bend bent bent [03:05.29] 弯曲; 倾向,爱好 [03:07.87] bend down [03:09.40]弯下身子 [03:10.93]close to [03:12.39]接近 [03:13.85]desCRIption [03:15.32]描述 [03:16.78]exchange [03:18.31]交换;调换交流 [03:19.84]clumsy [03:21.17]笨绌的;手脚不灵活的 [03:22.50]messy [03:23.87]凌乱的;肮脏的 [03:25.24]accident [03:26.82]事故;意外的事 [03:28.40]investigate [03:29.99]调查 [03:31.57]vehicle [03:32.94]车辆 [03:34.31]Unit 2 [03:37.47] You have to tell me the truth [03:41.34]A Let's read [03:44.99]Ken fell asleep in class yesterday. [03:50.14]Mr Lin, his teacher,was very angry. [03:55.60]"Wake up, Ken! "he said. [03:59.57]"This is a classroom, not a bedroom. " [04:04.22]Ken opened his eyes. "Oh!" he said. [04:08.01]"Oh!" he said. [04:11.17]"I'm sorry. [04:13.81]I was so tired. [04:17.36]I had to get up at five o'clock this morning." [04:22.03]Mr Lin was surprised. [04:25.69]"At five o'clock! [04:28.85]That was very early," he said. [04:33.21]"Why did you have to get up so early? " [04:37.58]"My mother isn't very well today," Ken explained. [04:42.75]"I had to help her. [04:45.81]I had to get the breakfast. [04:49.25]Then I had to wash up. [04:53.20]Then I had to go shopping for her [04:57.95]When I got back to the flat, [05:01.90]I had to clean my shoes and get ready for school. [05:07.07]I had to do so much. " [05:10.73]Mr Lin felt sorry for Ken. [05:14.67]"I understand," he said. [05:18.51]"Just try to stay awake." [05:22.56]"Yes, Mr Lin," Ken said, and smiled to himself. [05:28.49]Then Angela Wu put up her hand. [05:33.35]"Ken's not telling the truth, Mr Lin," she said. [05:39.02]"I saw his mother this morning. [05:42.67]She was going to work at the usual time. [05:47.22]She smiled and waved to me.伤某人的感情 [05:51.37]There was nothing wrong with her." [05:54.93]Mr Lin walked back to Ken's desk. [05:59.60]"Stand up, Ken,"he said, [06:03.44]"Have you told me a lie?" [06:07.28]Ken looked at the floor and nodded his head. [06:12.35]"Now tell me the real reason," Mr Lin said. [06:17.50]"You have to tell me the truth." [06:20.97]"I had to get up at five o'clock this morning to do my homework," Ken said [06:27.45]"I forgot to do it last night. " [06:31.39]"You must learn not to tell lies, Ken,"Mr Lin said. [06:37.17]"You must tell your mother about it." [06:41.53]Silly Ken was in trouble again. [06:45.97]If it is not one thing,it is another! [06:50.44]Words and expressions [06:54.20]tell the truth [06:55.82]讲实话 [06:57.44]fall asleep [06:59.06]睡着,入睡 [07:00.68]surprise [07:02.26]使......惊奇 [07:03.84]be surprised [07:05.46]感到惊奇 [07:07.08]awake [07:08.46](用作表语)醒着的 [07:09.84]stay awake [07:11.73]别睡着了 [07:13.61]Angela [07:15.08]安吉拉(女子名) [07:16.56]usual [07:18.14]通常的 [07:19.72]at the usual time [07:21.60]在往常一样的时间 [07:23.48]wave [07:25.06]挥手示意;波动,漂动, [07:26.64]lie lied lied [07:29.88]躺,展开 德国民谣歌曲 [07:33.12]lining [07:34.49]内层,衬套 [07:35.86]extra [07:37.30]外加的 [07:38.74]account [07:40.56]帐,帐目;帐户 [07:42.39]account number [07:44.08]帐号 [07:45.76]manager [07:47.13]经理;管理人 [07:48.51]automatic [07:50.09]自动的 [07:51.67]auomatic bank machine [07:53.74]自动柜员机 [07:55.82]press [07:57.20]按;压 [07:58.59]liar [07:59.96]说谎的人 [08:01.33]a white lie [08:02.91]不伤大雅的说谎;无恶意的谎言 [08:04.49]hurt one's feelings [08:06.62]伤某人的感情 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180307/540567.html