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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10]Unit 3 I made it myself [00:05.20]A Let's read [00:09.27]There was an art and craft competition at the children's school last week [00:16.64]There were just two simple rules for the competition. [00:22.20]The children had to do everything themselves. [00:27.56]They could not have any help from an adult [00:32.10]And they could not spend more than ten yuan on materials. [00:37.77]This was to prevent rich children from winning all the prizes Peter [00:43.94]Peter and Sue both entered the competition. [00:48.69]Peter made a model train out of matchsticks [00:53.66]And Sue painted a picture of the Shenzhen Reservoir [00:58.70]When they took their entries to the Art & Craft Room, [01:03.76]The teacher asked them both the same question." [01:08.02]Did you make thisyourself?" Peter nswered, "Yes. [01:14.68]I made my train myself and Sue painted her picture herself." [01:21.35]Then she asked,"How much did you spend on materials?" [01:27.69]They both said,"Less than ten yuan. " [01:32.87]On their way back from the Art & Craft Room, [01:37.62]They met Ken in the corridor. [01:41.67]He was carrying a big model of an airport. [01:46.74]"We made our entries ourselves," Sue said." [01:52.20]It's one of the rules. [01:55.64] You can't enter that. [01:59.43] You didn't make that yourself. Someone helped you." [02:03.38]Someone helped you." [02:06.75]"No,"Ken said." [02:10.51]I made every piece of it myself. [02:14.87]I worked on it over the weekend." [02:19.23]"I don't believe you,"Peter said." [02:23.49]You're telling lies again. [02:26.96]I'm going to ask Anne. [02:30.80]They found Anne in the playground and asked her about Ken's model. [02:37.28]"It's true,"she said." [02:41.04]He made it all himself I watched him. [02:46.32]He worked really hard on that model." [02:50.97]"Ken can do something then,"Peter said. [02:56.22]"Oh, yes," Anne said." [03:00.90]He's really a very clever little boy. [03:05.16] If he wants to do something, he can do it well. [03:10.41]Unfortunately,he doesn't often want to do anything!" [03:16.15]"You mean'fortunately'," Sue said. " [03:21.72]We don't want him to win every competition!" [03:27.07]Words and expressions [03:31.04]craft [03:32.41]工艺;手艺;行业 [03:33.79]simple [03:35.17]简单的 [03:36.56]rule [03:38.02]规则;法规 [03:39.48]help\ [03:40.80]帮助 [03:42.12]adult [03:43.65]成年人 [03:45.18]spend (spent[spent] spent) [03:48.21] 用(钱);花费;度过 [03:51.24]spent...on something\ [03:53.31]花(钱,时间)在......上 [03:55.39]material [03:56.92]材料,原料;素材,题材 [03:58.45]prevent [03:59.87]防止,预防;阻止,制止 [04:01.29]prevent...from doing something [04:03.57] 阻止......做某事 [04:05.84]matchstick [04:07.58]火柴杆 [04:09.31]reservoir [04:10.84]水库 [04:12.37]entry [04:13.90]参加比赛的人(或物)的名单 [04:15.43]on one's way back [04:17.25]在......回去的路上 [04:19.08]corridor [04:20.61]走廊 [04:22.14]airport [04:23.60]机场,航空站 [04:25.06]weekend [04:26.49]周末 [04:27.91]competitor [04:29.35]竞争者,比赛者 [04:30.79]hand in [04:32.31]交上去.交进 [04:33.84]exactly [04:35.42]确切的,精确地 [04:37.00]Unit 4 nHe has lived in Sydney since 1986 [04:44.16]A Let's read [04:48.24]Peter had a surprise yesterday. [04:53.09]He received a letter from Australia. [04:57.82]29 Queen Street,Sydney,N.S.W. 2000. [05:06.16]1st December, 1993 Dear Peter, [05:12.71]We have never met, [05:15.98]But Miss Pan, your English teacher, [05:20.63]Gave me your name and address. [05:24.70]Miss Pan knows my sister. [05:28.78]You wanted a pen-friend here and she gave me your address. [05:34.84]I hope you don't mind. [05:38.08]I have wanted a pen-friend in China for a long time. [05:43.43]I am Chinese like you,but I was born in Australia. [05:49.07]My father came to Australia fifteen years ago, [05:54.43]But he has lived in Sydney only since 1986. [06:00.20]He came here to start a new business. [06:04.33]He usually goes back to China once a year. [06:09.16]We have lived in Sydney for seven years and like it very much. [06:15.51]The weather is good in Australia. [06:19.35]Everything is very clean and green. [06:23.92]There is so much space in Australia. [06:28.18]Most people live in houses with their own gardens. [06:33.64]Nearly everyone has a car and some families have two. [06:39.60]My mother takes me to school every morning by car and collects me every afternoon [06:47.35]A lot of parents do the same. [06:51.01]I visited Shenzhen four years ago. [06:55.56]Is it still crowded and busy? [06:59.53]There are quite a lot of Chinese people in Australia, [07:04.99]And there are hundreds of Chinese restaurants. [07:09.84]A lot of Australians do not want to cook their own meals, [07:15.49]So they buy "takeaways" from the nearest Chinese restaurant [07:21.44]Or from one of the many fast food places, [07:26.41]Like McDonald's Please tell me something about yourself. [07:32.78]How long have you been at your school? [07:36.44]When did you enter Miss Pan's class? [07:40.88]What is your school like? [07:44.22]Hope to hear from you soon. [07:47.67]Yours sincerely,Andrew Zhou [07:52.11]Words and expressions [07:55.95]since [07:57.32]自从......以来 [07:58.69]have a surprise [08:00.73]感到意外 [08:02.77]Sydney [08:04.15]悉尼 [08:05.54] receive [08:07.00]收到;得到 [08:08.46]Australia [08:10.34]澳大利亚 [08:12.23] pen-friend [08:13.81]笔友 [08:15.39]garden [08:16.76](花、菜、果)园;庭园 [08:18.13]collect [08:19.51]接收集 [08:20.90]crowded [08:22.27] 拥挤的,密集的 [08:23.64]Australian [08:25.38]澳大利亚人 [08:27.12]take-aways [08:28.70](供顾客带出外吃的)饭食 [08:30.28]fast food [08:31.86]快餐食物 [08:33.44]sincerely [08:34.96]真诚的,真挚地 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180307/540566.html