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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10] Unit 5 Revision [00:04.00]A Sentence patterns [00:08.44]Do you think that I am the thief? [00:12.20]Do you think that he is clever? [00:16.33]Do you think that I am a good cook? [00:21.08]You told me that he was happy. [00:24.92]He told us that you were at school. [00:30.25]We told her that they were at home. [00:35.60]They have two legs to walk with. [00:39.86]They have two hands to work with. [00:45.74]They have no wings to fly with. [00:50.18]I am to see him at four. [00:55.22]She is to meet him at four. [01:00.87]They are to help him at four. [01:05.72]I told you to open the door. [01:10.37]He told her to go away. [01:14.92] Please show me how to open the door. [01:20.20]I do not know how to play this game. [01:26.26]I do not know how to drive a car. [01:32.21]Can you tell me when the train leaves? [01:36.47]Can you tell me where the hospital is? [01:40.73]Can you tell me why you were late? [01:44.99]I can see him driving. [01:49.64]I can see the sun shining. [01:54.99]I can hear a watch ticking. [01:59.25]I can hear them walking. [02:04.21]B Talking [02:09.18]Peter and Anne are babysitting Simon again. [02:13.90]Simon:Do you think that I'm nice,Peter? [02:18.87]Peter:Yes,of course,I do. [02:23.10]Simon:Would you mind playing a game with me? [02:27.33]Peter:Not at all. [02:30.67]Anne:Let's play hide-and-seek. [02:35.35]Simon:Oh,yes,Please show me how to play. [02:40.91]Anne:I close my eyes and you hide somewhere [02:45.77]Simon:Good.You watch me hiding. [02:50.14]Anne:No,no,Simon.I have to look for you. [02:54.99]Simon:But I don't want to be alone. [02:58.83]Will you come with me,Peter? [03:02.91]Peter:No,I have to hide as well. [03:07.66]Simon:Why won't you come with me? [03:12.03]You told me that I was nice. [03:16.39]C Story time [03:21.74]The King and the Cats [03:25.22]Long,long ago in Italy there lived a man whose name was Ansaldo [03:32.58]He had a ship of his own and went on trading trips. [03:38.33]One day he sailed across the Mediterranean Sea. [03:43.66]The ship was filled with silk,wine,ivory and silver. [03:50.32]He sailed towards the west and found an unknown island. [03:56.49]When he landed,he was welcomed by messengers from the king of the island. [04:03.12]The Ansaldo and his men were invited to a banquet at the king's palace. [04:09.65]When they arrived at the palace,the king led them into a banquet hall. [04:15.71]There Ansaldo saw a big table in the middle of the hall [04:21.77]and several servant girls standing by the table. [04:26.76]Each of them held a long willow switch. [04:31.91]"What's the use of the switches?"Ansaldo wondered. [04:37.47]After they were seated the food was carried in. [04:42.64]As soon as the food was put on the table,a great number of mice rushed in. [04:49.31]At once they scratched their way up the table legs to grab the food. [04:55.55]The servant girls shook their willow switches wildly to chase the mice away. [05:02.52]Ansaldo begged the king's permission to leave for a while [05:07.57]and hurried to his ship. [05:11.04]When he returned he brought a pair of cats. [05:16.50]It was now the king's turn to be surprised. [05:21.54]Never before had he seen animals like these. [05:26.50]As soon as Ansaldo freed the cats they leapt on the mice. [05:32.46]Very soon all the mice disappeared. [05:37.01]Now no more mice came to the banquet hall again. [05:41.37]The king could not thank his visitor enough. [05:45.91]In return he gave Ansaldo a lot of gold,silver,diamonds and pearls. [05:53.49]When Ansaldo returned home,his story soon spread through his town. [06:00.33]In the town there was one man named Giocondo.He was a greedy man. [06:07.91]He said to himself,"I will visit that island,too. [06:13.66]I will take more gifts to the king [06:17.81]and he is sure to give me more gold,more diamonds and more pearls. [06:24.57]I'll be richer than Ansaldo. [06:28.41]"And so he did But what did the king give Giocondo in return? [06:34.95]The king presented the greedy man with two kittens [06:40.82]because cats were the most valuable things on that island. [06:46.47]E A rhyme [06:50.33]GOING CAMPING [06:53.78]We go camping.We are happy and gay. [06:58.46]We put up the tent for a week we can stay. [07:03.92]Then the wind comes up Black clouds roll by. [07:09.98]And all the rain falls from the sky. [07:14.73]It rains and rains,throughout the day. [07:19.17]The rain doesn't stop till we go away. [07:24.13]Words and expressions [07:27.50]seek(sought,sought) [07:30.68]v.寻找;探索 [07:33.85]hide-and-seek [07:35.63]n.捉迷藏 [07:37.40]Italy [07:38.84]n.意大利 [07:40.28]Ansaldo [07:42.35]n.安萨尔(男名) [07:44.43]the Mediterranean Sea [07:46.70]n.地中海 [07:48.98]ivory [07:50.91]n.象牙 [07:52.84]messenger [07:54.37]n.送信者,信使;使者 [07:55.90]willow [07:57.43]n.柳,柳树 [07:58.96]switch [08:01.02]n.(树末的)软枝条 [08:03.08]a willow switch [08:05.30]柳树条,柳枝 [08:07.52]rush [08:09.00]v.冲;奔;闯 [08:10.48]grab [08:12.09]v.攫取,抓取,强夺 [08:13.71]wildly [08:15.24]ad.疯狂地;发怒地 [08:16.77]beg [08:18.09]v.乞求;请求 [08:19.41]permission [08:20.94]n.允许,许可,同意 [08:22.47]leap (leapt,leapt, leaped,leaped) [08:25.85]v.跳跃 [08:29.23]leap on [08:30.69]跳到...上 [08:32.16]disappear [08:33.54]v.不见,消失 [08:34.93]pearl [08:36.21]n.珍珠 [08:37.49]spread (spread,spread) [08:40.46]v.传播,散布 [08:43.44]Giocondo [08:45.52]n.吉欧康多(男名) [08:47.60]present [08:49.42]a.赠送,给予 [08:51.25]valuable [08:52.87]a.有价值的,贵重的 [08:54.49]go camping [08:56.11]去野营 [08:57.73]throughout [08:59.42]ad.到处;遍及 [09:01.10]certain [09:02.77]a.可靠的;无疑的;某一 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180306/540303.html